Sweet by Nature Launches Two-Ingredient Water Enhancer

Sweet by Nature launches its new range of 100% organic herbal water enhancers

Tennessee. October 25th, 2016 – With the on-going trend against sugary and chemically laden drinks, Sweet by Nature has today introduced its new range of entirely organic herbal water enhancers that contain no sugar, and no artificial preservatives.

Targeting for the whole family, the USDA organic certified water enhancers come in easy to use stick sachets that contain zero sugar, zero sweeteners, no calories and is naturally caffeine free. In addition, each Sweet by Nature powdered sachet contains more antioxidants than the U.S. recommended daily requirement.

The idea for the product arose from the needs of health conscious and ethical consumers seeking healthy hydration with a refreshing twist, while avoiding sugar and artificial chemicals. “Many consumers are moving away from drinks loaded with sugar and unpronounceable ingredients, and while water is the healthiest drink the world has to offer, it can be boring for both children and adults,” says Keith Bearden, Sweet by Nature’s CEO. “Our mission is to provide a healthy and refreshing option that, combined with water, brings great flavor and taste along with the cleanest label on the market.”

Sweet by Nature comes to market with only TWO ingredient Water Enhancer

Sweet by Nature’s clean label is attributed to only having two ingredients: organic Honeybush and organic flavor (mango, coconut, and lemon). “Since Honeybush, an ancient South African herb, is naturally sweet it does not require sugar or added sweeteners to provide a subtly sweet flavor,” says Bearden.  “Moreover, since they are naturally caffeine free, our easy to use powdered sticks offer a healthy and refreshing option for seniors, adults and children looking for a clean alternative to sugary drinks.”

Traditionally consumed as a tea, Honeybush contains a ‘super antioxidant’ called mangiferin, which has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels in lab studies of diabetic rats. Additionally, the ancient herb contains eight essential vitamins and minerals. Thanks to this, Sweet by Nature’s water enhancers are also safe for pre-diabetic or diabetic consumers.

Sustainability also plays a significant part in the company, which owns the farms where the Honeybush is grown as well as the processing plant. “By having control of the supply chain, we ensure that our Honeybush is grown in the most ecologically and sustainably friendly manner possible,” says Bearden. “This guarantees a sustainable source and 100% organic product, healthy for all members of the family.”

Consumers needing healthy hydration “on the go” can easily use the sachets, which come in packs of 5, 10, 20 or 30 sticks, and three flavours: coconut, lemon, and mango.

Sweet by Nature is a privately held company established in Tennessee, U.S. It was founded in 2015 by Keith Bearden and Auburn Ivey in partnership with Innervation Capital Group Limited.  Our mission is to provide a healthy and refreshing option that, combined with water, brings great flavor and taste along with the cleanest label on the market.  We’ve mastered the ability to accomplish our mission through a decade of research on how to sustainably grow and harvest the golden herb of South Africa, Honeybush. Sweet by Nature Inc. is dedicated to bringing the value of Honeybush from South Africa to the world.  If you want to shake things up and make a real difference, please visit us at www.sweetbynatureinc.com.