Video: Cawston Press to Make U.S. Debut at Expo West 2016

Cawston Press, a U.K.-based brand that markets a range of beverages made with fresh-pressed juice, including sodas, apple-based juice blends and vegetable juices, will make its American debut at the upcoming Natural Products Expo West 2016.

Randy Shefshick, the founder of sparkling water brand Something Natural and Mocked Up, a line of non-alcoholic cocktail blends, is heading up the U.S. launch as part of a joint venture with Cawston Press. The genesis of the partnership came from Instagram, where Shefshick first spotted the brand. Impressed with its packaging and loyal customer base, he reached out to company executives about bringing Cawston Press across the Atlantic. For Shefshick, it was an opportunity to expand his beverage portfolio while avoiding many of the hurdles associated with creating a new brand.

“There’s a lot of money and investment that goes into launching a product [including] branding and marketing and websites and all the other items that are required,” Shefshick said. “Rather than recreate the wheel, there was a lot of efficiency in partnering with Cawston… and joining forces as opposed to trying to launch something from scratch.”

Shefshick believes that Cawston Press sodas will stand out among competing premium options because of the brand’s use of high quality ingredients and fresh-pressed juice in the formulations. On the juice side of the portfolio, he sees Cawston Press as being a disruptive force in a segment that has been lacking meaningful innovation.

“Shelf-stable juice has been somewhat of a sleepy category for the past couple years,” Shefshick said. “And I think the type of innovation that we’re bringing to that category is going to be seen as really unique.”

Watch this video as Shefshick, filmed at BevNET headquarters in Watertown, Mass., discusses more about the decision to partner with Cawston Press, the retail and distribution strategy for the U.S., as well as what aspects of brand marketing will cross over to American media channels.