Video: Owl’s Brew President Discusses Growth Opportunities, Innovation

Craft cocktail mixers are a hot commodity, and Owl’s Brew, which produces a line of tea-based mixers, is one of a handful of brands at the forefront of the fast-growing set.

In an interview at the 2016 Winter Fancy Food Show, Owl’s Brew president Maria Littlefield spoke with BevNET about the rapid evolution of the category, noting that surging sales have resulted in “a lot of focus on different retailers building out a set.”

Taking advantage of rising interest and demand for craft mixers, Owl’s Brew will look to expand distribution beyond the coasts where its products are primarily sold and into the middle of the U.S. Regional focus aside, Littlefield noted that it’s most important for Owl’s Brew to be working with the “right partners.”

“We’re still a young brand that’s growing quickly, and we want to be with retailers and distributors that make sense for us,” said Littlefield. “And because Owl’s Brew can go from a Whole Foods to a liquor store to an on-premise account, we also try to capitalize on all three channels.”

From an innovation standpoint, Owl’s Brew is keeping a close eye on what’s trending in the overall beverage industry, and blending with ingredients like green tea and habanero, both of which are included in the brand’s new Wicked Greens product.

“We look at what’s hot, not just in our category, but what we’re seeing in terms of beverages in general,” Littlefield said.

Watch this video to hear more from Littlefield about Owl’s Brew’s approach to innovation, the company’s partnership with Famous Grouse scotch, and the company’s foray into premixed cocktails.