Bontá Reveals Enhanced Packaging

(September 6, 2017) – Bontá, the first beverage infused with plant based Mediterranean sourced ingredients, announces today that it has upgraded its bottle and package design offering consumers a more focused message and brand proposition with easier to understand product benefits.

Clean, light labels better convey the Mediterranean culture of Bontá. Sporting a new bottle designed to fit naturally in the palm of your hand, Bontá’s packaging is fresh and sophisticated.

In its first year, Bontá has been selected as a NEXTY Award finalist for Best New Beverage (non-organic) and as an InnoBev Award finalist for Best Low Calorie Drink.

The power of Bontá is its nutritionally dense formulas. Each of Bontá’s four flavors are packed with healthy and beneficial ingredients with three of the four flavors, REVIVE (Blood Orange), FORTIFY (Blueberry), and VITALIZE (Cherry), containing no added sugar.  GLOW (Lemon Ginger) contains just 3g of added organic cane sugar.

Continuing its brand promise of all natural ingredients, Bontá contains no stevia or erythritol, each flavor is refreshing and light with no after taste. The result is the Bontá trifecta: deliciously low calorie/low sugar, with a light and fruity flavor that delivers ingredients from the Mediterranean that have been the dietary foundation of the healthiest people on earth. With only 30 – 35 calories per 16 oz bottle, Bontá is low calorie, exceptionally good for you, and a very pleasing experience to drink.

Bontá offers potent, healthy, all natural formulas, great taste and is low in calories.  Our formula took two years to develop by one of the leading U.S. natural food and beverage scientists.

Bontá REVIVE is activated with ingredients known to counter inflammation caused by lifestyle.  REVIVE’s lead ingredient is turmeric, and includes antioxidants and polyphenols from blood oranges and pomegranates.

Bontá FORTIFY is infused with ingredients known to support a healthy immune system such as blueberries, olive fruit, ginger, and more vitamin C than 6 pomegranates.  FORTIFY also provides consumers with high amounts of vitamins E, B3, B6, and B5.

Bontá VITALIZE is activated with ingredients known to boost the Body’s immune system. VITALIZE includes antioxidants and polyphenols from cherries and grape seed extract plus more lycopene than 32 tomatoes.  These ingredients combine with more resveratrol than 37 glasses of wine, make up a powerful antioxidant blend that protects the body from oxidative stress.

Bontá GLOW is infused with ingredients known to enhance skin’s radiance, such as lemons, ginger, beta carotene, white tea, chamomile and marigold.

“Bontá represents a breakthrough in the beverage market,” states Royce Pinkwater, Founder and CEO. “Studying the extraordinary health and well-being of the Mediterranean and its people, we commissioned a study to confirm that there was a white space in the market for the drink we envisioned. When we found it didn’t exist, we green lighted our concept. The fact that this white space exists is evidenced by Bontá’s very high sell-through rates and corresponding re-orders.”

Bontá is currently available in select retailers in the Metro New York area and the Hamptons.  Bontá will be available on in September and will very shortly be distributed by UNFI and KeHE.

Bonta utilizes the expertise of Ramsey, NJ based Cascadia Managing Brands to develop and deploy its sales, marketing and distribution strategy.

For additional information please contact Katherine Kneubuehl at or at 201-962-8622.