GT’s Kombucha Announces Liberty Flavor

Over Memorial Day Weekend, GT’s debuted a limited-edition Kombucha called Liberty – a sweet summer blend that’s more than just a seasonal flavor. The best-selling brewers intend to use this moment to open a dialogue, advocating #LibertyForAll.

The mission at GT’s is to bring beautiful living things together, helping people live happier, healthier lives. With the launch of their #LibertyForAll campaign, that sentiment extends far beyond the bottle.

For over 22 years, the Kombucha category pioneers have remained a family owned and operated company who handcraft their small batch brew with a very simple approach: allow our Kombucha the liberty to be its authentic self. Never processed, filtered, or diluted, GT’s embraces the unique character that sets its Kombucha apart with such distinct, effervescent personality.

Now, evidenced by their social call-to-action, GT’s aims to use their platform to celebrate Liberty on a much broader scale.

This summer, GT’s is asking people to share what Liberty means to them by posting a photo or video on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter with #LibertyForAll and tagging @GTsKombucha. For each post, the company pledges to donate $1 to the ACLU – up to $50,000.

The goal of this campaign is to spark an impactful conversation by shining a light on the importance of individual freedom of expression and equal liberties for all people.

“It’s our diversity and uniqueness that make this world such a beautiful, vibrant place,” said GT Dave, Founder of GT’s Living Foods. “That’s why we must remind ourselves that Liberty is not a political term – it’s a human one.”

The unique beauty of this campaign is captured in the artwork on the collectible bottle, undeniably reminiscent of Lady Liberty herself. Featuring an original, screen-printed torch design, GT’s Liberty Kombucha evokes the refreshing feeling of summer freedom, while reflecting the innately human desire to create a world with Liberty for ALL living things.

GT’s Liberty Kombucha is available nationwide through Labor Day.