Holy Kombucha Showcases New Packaging

Repositioning a 2,000-year-old drink take creativity, ingenuity and yes, even doves.

While the ancient Chinese drink of kombucha may have originated centuries ago, it has never been more popular in the U.S., rising to become the fastest-growing market in the functional beverage category. Leading the charge in the beverage’s resurgence has been Dallas-based Holy Kombucha, whose crisp, vibrant and bubbly fermented tea has catapulted them to become one of the Southwest’s most prominent kombucha brands.

Since the company launched in 2012, Holy Kombucha has undergone very few changes, sticking with its original drink formulas as well as its initial packaging design. But as the marketplace and demand for kombucha has rapidly grown, so has the need for companies like Holy Kombucha to stay ahead of the competition and find exciting ways to refresh its already strong offerings.

To remain a leader in the beverage space, Holy Kombucha called upon Berlin Packaging, and its design subsidiary Studio One Eleven, to refresh the brand’s overall look, starting on the ground floor with its bottles. Having worked together on the initial Holy Kombucha product design in 2012, Berlin Packaging was up for the challenge and began design on a new bottle aimed to be more streamlined and operationally effective.

The redesigned 16.9-ounce Holy Kombucha bottles boast a wider, 38-millimeter neck, making it easier for customers to drink and operationally faster to fill when compared to the previous “glass vinegar bottle” mold. A tall shoulder also allows the brand to maintain the integrity of their label, which proudly showcases their “Drink Well, Do Better” tagline. Additional, Holy Kombucha’s signature dove logo flanks both the base of the bottle as well as the newly designed vented cap at the top of the bottle, further cementing the brand’s identity.

In addition to the structural redesign, Berlin Packaging’s financial management and quality service recommendations also played a significant role in the rebranding of Holy Kombucha. By sourcing the manufacturing of the new bottles, Berlin Packaging was able to help improve overall profit margins.

Additionally, while the packaging solution allowed for a significant increase in production rates, Berlin’s financial arm allowed for Holy Kombucha to upgrade its equipment, resulting in quadrupled production while decreasing overall labor costs. This will ultimately aid in the brand’s expansion plans, as they are currently eyeing increasing their distribution as far as Colorado and Illinois in the coming months.