IGZU Selected for Silicon Valley Accelerator Program

IGZU, maker of the world’s first bottled bamboo leaf tea, has been selected to participate in Plug and Play Tech Center’s Food and Beverage innovation platform. With over 2,800 applicants, a total of 101 companies were selected for the Fall 2017 cohort across 6 different industry verticals. Of the 19 selected for the sophomore class in the Food and Beverage vertical, IGZU is the only packaged food and beverage producer included.

“We’re thrilled to be included, not just from the validation from the Plug and Play team, but also that selection is heavily weighed by interest from their corporate partners desire to learn more about what we’re doing,” explained IGZU’s Co-Founder & CEO, Zachary Anderson.

Plug and Play has partnered with such industry titans as PepsiCo, Hershey’s, and Clorox, just to name a few. When asked what set IGZU apart, Anderson replied, “I truly feel it’s our logical approach to the global issue of creating sustainable food and beverage products. This is a core piece of our mission – we look at the world’s most naturally sustainable and resilient crops, and find ways to utilize those crops in packaged food products that are already part of everyday life, just as we’ve done with our debut product line.”

Unlike some other accelerator programs, Plug and Play does not charge a fee or require any equity exchange for participation in their programs. The ecosystem that Plug and Play has created is based on the merit of the individual startups as well as the value of connecting said startups with their corporate partners and network of investors.

“After a year on store shelves, we are now beginning to shift our focus to securing growth capital. We know the consumer is connecting with our product and mission, and now we’re looking to expand IGZU’s presence, team, and overall projection in the market. The timing of our inclusion in the program could not be better,” said Courtney McCoy, IGZU’s Co-Founder & CFO. At the end of the 3-month program, IGZU will attend Plug and Play’s Food & Beverage EXPO, pitching to Silicon Valley’s biggest investors. Plug and Play itself is the most active investor in Silicon Valley, making on average over 150 investments annually across all of their incubation verticals.

For more information about the Plug and Play Fall 2017 cohort, click here.

About IGZU

IGZU reinvents popular food and beverage products utilizing the world’s most naturally sustainable and resilient crops. IGZU has a positive global impact, while meeting the consumer where they are today through consumption applications that are already a part of everyday life, as demonstrated by their debut product line of the world’s first bottled bamboo leaf tea. All of IGZU’s blends are light, crisp, and refreshing with unique health benefits, and an overall positive global impact. Their core value of sustainability is taken a step further by actively donating at least 1% of all sales, not just profits, to charities focused on the preservation of this little planet we all call home. Learn more at www.IGZUlife.com and follow them @IGZULIFE on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

About Plug and Play

Plug and Play is a global innovation platform. We connect startups to corporations and invest in over 150 companies every year. Since inception in 2006, our programs have expanded worldwide to include a presence in 24 locations globally giving startups the necessary resources to succeed in Silicon Valley and beyond. With over 6,000 startups and 180 official corporate partners, we have created the ultimate startup ecosystem in many industries. We provide active investments with 200 leading Silicon Valley VCs, and host more than 365 networking events per year. Companies in our community have raised over $6 billion in funding, with successful portfolio exits including Danger, Dropbox, Lending Club, PayPal, SoundHound, and Zoosk. For more information, visit www.plugandplaytechcenter.com/