Mixwell Launches Sparkling Soda Water SKU

Premium Soda Maker Mixwell has released a new Sparkling Soda Water. Mixwell Sparkling Soda is Mixwell’s 4th SKU, addressing increased request for a calorie free, multi-functional mixer that can also be easily enjoyed by people who just love carbonated waters. It took Mixwell Co-Founder Billy Ray three years to come up with the right formula. Especially with soda water every nuance and detail can make a big difference as Ray said he wanted a water with just enough flavor notes to give it character to blend well with a variety of spirits.

“To make a competitive Soda Water for mixing was really challenging,” Ray said. “All the details and nuances in the short list of ingredients need to mix perfectly together to make the best mixing soda water in the market.”

Mixwell Sparkling Soda Water will be available in bars and restaurants in California and Nevada and will be available at all Target stores in California and Nevada starting October 2017. Retail pricing will be at $1.99.