New Study Concludes Divinia Water Is More Hydrating

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Many brands of water claim functionality whether alone or mixed with your favorite coffee-butter blend, but one company is now taking bids on your next smoothie or caffeinated morning ritual.

Research that was released in October at the Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water conveyed that DIVINIA Water rated higher than deionized water in terms of hydration, color, flavor, and taste when blended with natural ingredients to create a beverage.

Divinia Water is associated with a recently discovered type of water called Exclusion Zone water, or “EZ” water, which is believed by some doctors to be the same water found in organic cells. This type of water is considered beneficial as it is easily recognized and absorbed by cells, giving them energy and the ability to flush toxins. The recently released study showed that Divinia Water yielded hydration that matched blood serum osmolality and restored normal body fluid levels.

Dr. Shankaraswamy and Dr. Saxena measured blood osmolality, saliva and urine levels as benchmarks of hydration in examining 30 healthy, male adult volunteers between 19 and 45 years old. Participants drank a natural beverage made with ingredients such as bee propolis, banana peel, coconut, almond gum, and okra mucilage. The drinks were aqueous based (90%), either made of deionized water or Divinia for comparison in the study.

The doctors concluded that the participants in the Divinia group had significantly increased blood serum (1141.59 0.22mmol/L), osmolality (288.56 0.61mmol/kgH2O), and salivary flow rates which rose by 17.85%. The doctors also scored the two beverages for color, flavor, taste, energy, protein, fiber, and osmolality. In all categories, Divinia scored better than the drink made with deionized water.

Based on the results, the doctors surmised that the Divinia based drink created “…a novel rehydration beverage as it had the same osmolality as blood serum, which is useful for the restoration of normal body fluid volumes to maintain intracellular and extracellular body fluid distribution. “

“We love science, we love research, and we love contributing to scientific research. This not only helps us understand a whole new category of water for CPG, but also gives insight for the scientific community we are a part of. It merges the two areas beautifully,” said Kiersten Landers, co-founder of Divinia Water. “All of our customers love Divinia alone or made with other drinks. Now tell them that they receive the hydrating benefits of Divinia no matter if it’s alone or as the base to their smoothies.”

About Divinia Water

Divinia Water was founded in 2015 in Idaho Falls, ID, and is a family owned and operated bottled water company. Our innovative, patented process captures water in a unique state and is the only water on market scientifically proven cellular water (the same water found in living cells) at University of Washington. With a purpose for eco-friendly operations, Divinia Water is bottled in recyclable 16 ounce glass bottles and purifies water with as little waste as possible. Products are currently sold online at