Skratch Labs Partners with The North Face, Timex, Olympic and Professional Athletes

BOULDER, CO (May 17, 2017) /PRNewswire/ — Skratch Labs, a functional food and beverage brand that helps athletes become better through natural sports nutrition alternatives, today announced partnerships with The North Face, Timex Sports, Cannondale-Drapac Pro Cycling Team and more than two dozen Olympic and professional athletes and racing teams. The Boulder-based sports nutrition company is also partnering with more than 150 amateur ambassador athletes to promote the company’s mission of helping athletes everywhere achieve their goals and avoid issues caused by dehydration and poor nutrition.

Founded in 2012 by renowned sports physiologist Dr. Allen Lim, Skratch Labs promotes and uses real food as the optimum source of nourishment for sports and life. Today, Scratch Labs’ iconic performance products, including revolutionary items Endurance Recovery Mix and Exercise Hydration Mix, can be found in more than 5,000 stores globally as the company continues changing the way athletes fuel themselves.

“Athletes and those just trying to live a more active lifestyle are constantly bombarded with stylized and Photoshopped images of chiseled models promoting over-engineered drinks and supplements that promise peak performance. At Skratch Labs, we know being an athlete or trying to stay fit isn’t about glamour, which is why we embrace the sweat and the struggle,” Lim said. “We try to provide as many tools as possible – such as education and products – to help anyone who aspires to make themselves better achieve their goals. Through these partnerships, Skratch Labs will be able to provide an even greater breadth of knowledge and resources to encourage and empower as many people as possible.”

Athletes under the Skratch Labs brand will share their unique experiences and motivations from overcoming personal and professional obstacles, providing inspiration to their fans and Skratch Labs’ audience. Highlighting the athlete partnerships is 2012 Olympic cyclist and Boulder cycling royalty Taylor Phinney. He’ll be joined under the Skratch Labs umbrella by professional mountain bikers Sarah Rawley and Nicholi Rogatkin, Ironman triathlete Tyler Butterfield, rock climber Michaela Kiersch, adventurer Joey Schusler, Polar explorer Eric Larsen, cyclist Lentine Alexis, BMX racer Mike Escamilla, professional skiers Ian McIntosh and Donny Roth, and endurance runners Rory Bosio, Hillary Allen and Paddy O’Leary.

Through its brand partnerships, Skratch Labs will also provide additional event support and sponsorships, including serving as the official hydration and nutrition sponsor for The North Face Endurance Challenge Series. By hydrating and fueling thousands of athletes in races across eight cities, Skratch Labs can help those endurance runners improve in their sport. Skratch Labs amateur brand ambassadors will engage with social followers and provide exclusive blog content, photos, giveaways and videos to bring the Skratch Labs message to athletes across all skill levels.

“With these athlete partnerships – both professional and amateur – we hope to show other athletes that replacing nutrients they lose during workouts is incredibly important,” said Jeff Donaldson, VP of Marketing. “We know they all strive to keep improving and are searching for solutions that can help them do that. A lot of them don’t realize that one of the best solutions is to improve their nutrition and hydration plan. That’s why Skratch Labs will be there to help them achieve their goals in a healthy way.”

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About Skratch Labs

Skratch Labs exists to help people be better. It started when pro athletes complained that over-engineered sports nutrition products made them sick. Skratch Labs’ solution was to make them simple, no-nonsense alternatives using real food ingredients from scratch. Solutions based on tried and true science that don’t taste like science. It made some of the best athletes in the world even better and turned into a business when they realized that the products and ideas helped improve anyone striving to be their best. Now a global functional food and beverage company, Skratch Labs improves upon available options in the market to create products that solve problems, are made with real food ingredients and are free from anything artificial. The company makes hydration, recovery and energy products for athletes who push themselves harder than normal. Products that make the athlete feel good physically and mentally, an approach that has been a foundational belief since the beginning.

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