Verday Chlorophyll Water Announces Partnership with Whole Foods to Expand Coverage in Southern Pacific Region

New York, NY (June 1, 2017) — Verday Chlorophyll Water, the first and only ready-to-drink chlorophyll beverage on shelves today, is now available in Whole Foods Market stores in the retailer’s Southern Pacific region, which encompasses Southern California, Arizona, Southern Nevada and Hawaii.

Winner of the 2016 “Innovation of the Year” Award by Beverage Industry Magazine, Verday represents an exciting new category of beverage that is shelf stable, refreshingly delicious and provides the antioxidant and detoxifying benefits of a ‘green juice.’ Verday’s line of refreshing healthy green waters now has five flavors: blueberry, watermelon, coconut, cucumber and lemongrass ginger.

“As the demand continues to grow for new and innovative healthy beverages, we’re proud to introduce Verday to the Whole Foods consumer as another great tasting option,” said Kathy Murray, VP of Operations of Choice Marketing, the broker who secured Verday’s placement with Whole Foods. “Whether they are looking to try a delicious new green drink or looking for a beverage option with zero calories, zero diet sweeteners, zero preservatives and no GMO ingredients, we’re confident Verday will meet the high quality standards of Whole Foods’ customers.”

“We are thrilled to partner with the nation’s leading natural and organic retailer,especially since our current and target customers are already shopping at Whole Foods,” said Randy Kohana, founder and CEO of Verday. “As chlorophyll continues to be a leading health trend in 2017, we couldn’t imagine a better partner to help expand our coverage in the Southern Pacific region. Through Whole Foods, we’ll be able to provide more customers around the country with Verday, allowing them to reap the benefits of chlorophyll with our grab-and-go bottles.”

In addition to Whole Foods, Verday is available nationwide through leading natural channel distributors KeHE and UNFI and in New York City through New England Beverages. Additionally, consumers can order Verday online through and Amazon.

About Verday Chlorophyll Water

Available in watermelon, blueberry coconut, cucumber and lemongrass ginger flavors, Verday represents an exciting new category of beverage that quenches your thirst like water and provides the antioxidant and cleansing benefits of a green juice. The key ingredient of Verday is chlorophyll, the green pigment present in all plants. Many remember from middle school that chlorophyll is the “building block of life,” responsible for absorbing sunlight and converting it into energy via photosynthesis. The powerful antioxidant and cleansing properties of chlorophyll have made it a favorite amongst leading wellness experts and healthy active consumers for generations. Each bottle of Verday is packed with 100mg of chlorophyll; and more than 2 shots of wheatgrass, 4 cups of spinach or 12 cups of arugula. Verday is distributed nationwide by KeHE and UNFI and in New York City by New England Beverages. For sales and distribution inquiries speak to your distribution representative or email For more information about Verday, please visit to