8th Wonder Tea Launches RTD Tea Line

DENVER — 8th Wonder Tea, a Colorado-based company, is launching ready-to-drink, artisan teas that meet the growing demand for high quality teas on-the-go. They offer four unique flavors: Ginseng Passion Green Tea, Ashwagandha Apple Chai, Yerba Mate Cayenne, and Rooibos Red.

8th Wonder’s mission is to create earth-conscious teas that deliver the extensive benefits of organic, superfood ingredients to power your body and mind. Its superfood teas are designed to provide the energy and mental acuity needed to go wherever life takes you, from your desk to the trail and beyond.

Each blend contains coveted, single-origin superfoods that promote wellbeing with ingredients sourced from diverse cultures around the globe. They are 100% organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, low carb, and provide a daily dose of Vitamin C and antioxidants. Their teas also contain half the sugar and calories of other leading brands using no artificial sweeteners.

Founder and Tea-maker, Parker Rush, worked hard to achieve organic certification through Oregon Tilth and source tea varietals from Fair Trade Certified sources. He also donates one percent of profits to Water.org.

“Our goal is to redefine the tea drinking experience,” Rush said. “We considered the tradition that surrounds tea drinking and decided to turn it on its head. This is tea on-the-go, maybe for the active person looking to have a “tea party” on top of a mountain with friends. We’re the tea that takes you places.”

An #8thWonderWarrior social media campaign encourages consumers to share images to Instagram of themselves enjoying travel, creative, or outdoor activities while fueled by 8th Wonder Tea.

8th Wonder’s products are available at www.8thwondertea.com and at specialty grocers in Colorado, Idaho, Texas, and Utah. They will be available through Amazon later this year. Individual bottles are $2.99 MSRP.

About 8th Wonder Tea

8th Wonder Tea carefully sources and blends international superfoods with the highest quality ingredients into exceptionally refreshing, ready-to-drink teas. Each tea offers essential vitamins that maximize wellbeing and performance to fuel your most passionate pursuits. With the proliferation today of convenient foods and quick caffeine “fixes”, 8th Wonder offers the perfect on-the-go, enlightened beverages for people going places and doing good. For more information: www.8thwondertea.com.