Dirty Lemon Launches CBD Flavor

NEW YORK — DIRTY LEMON announces the launch of its newest product, +cbd, a cannabis-infused elixir created in partnership with leading premium cannabis brand BEBOE. The beverage is formulated to combat stress, increase relaxation and promote overall mental and physical well-being.

Each bottle of DIRTY LEMON +cbd contains 20mg of full-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD), an all-natural compound found in the cannabis plant. Researched benefits of the plant include relief from chronic anxiety, stress management, decreased muscle and joint pain, acne reduction and improved sleep quality. The formula blends CBD with l-theanine, a therapeutic ingredient found in tea that is known to improve cognition, heighten alertness and promote tranquility.

“The cannabis plant is recognized as one of the most powerful wellness ingredients in the world. I’m extremely excited to offer a cannabis-infused beverage to our national customer base — this launch continues our vision to provide the modern consumer with easy access to compelling functional beverages,” said Zak Normandin, Co-Founder and CEO of DIRTY LEMON.

Created in partnership with BEBOE — the first luxury cannabis brand and industry experts — the +cbd formula utilizes the highest quality ingredients available in the industry to create a final product with efficacy that customers can trust. The opulent off-white bottle features an intricate metallic green foil design designed by esteemed tattoo artist and co-founder of BEBOE, Scott Campbell.

“We’ve been developing ingestible CBD products for the past two years and trust the plant as nature designed it. Our plants are naturally cultivated with organic nutrients and we go to great lengths to preserve the magic of the plants intricacies in the final product,” said Clement Kwan, Co-Founder of BEBOE.

The flavor profile of the elixir is inspired by the popular ‘pineapple express’ strain of marijuana. The essence of the blend is tropical in nature, rounded out with complementary woodsy notes, to deliver a refreshing and fruit-forward flavor profile.

As always for DIRTY LEMON, the product has only 1g of naturally-derived sugar per bottle and only 10 calories. Consumed daily, +cbd supports a balanced state of mind and a full-body wellness boost and is an effortless way to add the remarkable benefits of CBD to a daily routine.

+cbd is available for pre-order from June 27th on DIRTYLEMON.com for $65/case. +cbd will ship to every state in the US starting July 9th. To order text DIRTY LEMON @ 917-588-0640.