Expo East 2018 Video: Processing and Proteins Fuel Expansion at Elmhurst

Since launching in 2016, Elma, N.Y.-based Elmhurst 1925 has established an expanding brand platform based around a unique proprietary processing technology used to create its “milked nuts” products. And as competition within the plant-based, non-dairy milk space increases, the brand is leveraging that technology to drive innovation into new areas.

Speaking with BevNET last week at the Natural Products Expo East 2018 trade show in Baltimore, Dr. Cheryl Mitchell, Ph.D., the head of research and development at Elmhurst 1925, said that the company’s broad portfolio — which includes dairy-alternative milk products formulated with rice, oats, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, peanuts and cashews — is about more than just processing. In this video interview recorded at the show, Dr. Mitchell explained how Elmhurst promotes sustainability by using a diverse array of raw materials and zero-waste manufacturing, and how that diversity has showcased the unique characteristics of the milks in new ways.

Watch the full video above for more, including a first look at Elmhurst’s new barista and ready-to-drink protein shake lines.