Gratitude Health Launches ‘Dragon Well’ RTD Teas

Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. – Gratitude Health Inc, (“Gratitude”) (OTCQB:GRTD), announced the launch of its first line of products: Gratitude Dragon Well Green Teas. The five-SKU line of ready-to-drink (RTD) Dragon Well Green Teas are all USDA-Certified Organic and come in five distinct flavors. The line’s Peach, Wildberry, Blood Orange and Original flavors have 45-calorie per 15-oz bottle. The fifth flavor, Mint, is a zero- calorie, unsweetened tea.

“We intend to disrupt the $5 Billion ready-to-drink tea market by introducing organic products specifically created to meet growing consumer demand for heathy, good-for-you, great-tasting drinks,” said Roy G. Warren, founder and CEO of Gratitude Health, Inc. “Our tea tastes better and is healthier than the over-brewed, sugar-saturated offering generally available to American consumers. We are excited to have completed our inaugural production run and our team is moving quickly to arrange distribution for our ready-to-drink teas to retailers.”

Gratitude Health produces beverages that promote and support healthy aging. To that end, all Gratitude Tea flavors have an average of 417 mgs of polyphenols per bottle (in a recent study, the Journal of Nutrition reported that greater than 650 mgs per day is demonstrably effective.) Polyphenols are the phytonutrients found in vegetables and plants, which are very rich in antioxidants and have proven to be great fighters of free-radicals, which cause numerous diseases.

The new Gratitude Heath RTD teas feature totally unique packaging delivered to consumers in a 15-oz, mason-jar-like bottle designed to be “upcyclable” or repurposed. Each feature one of five debossed pieces of art displaying five elements for which we are grateful: the sun, the moon, the ocean, the earth and love. Each design is unveiled by the consumer when the beverage label is peeled off. The designs are covered at random, are not flavor specific and are intended to be a surprise value-add to the customer’s drinking experience. The bottle foot-print fits in all store refrigerated display racks and automobile cupholders.

“Glass is the most ecofriendly container in the world and our bottle is potentially more so because people may just want to keep it,” said Andy Schamisso president and COO of Gratitude Health, Inc. “We anticipate some upcycling, some artistic customer creations, some useful re-use and repurposing and some love from what we believe is a welcome change to the typical, generic and boring presentations on the shelf today.”

About Gratitude Health, Inc.

Gratitude Health, Inc. manufactures USDA-certified-organic, ready-to-drink “Dragon Well” green teas. Dragon Well tea (culturally known as “Longjing”) comes from the pristine, certified- organic fields of Hangzhou China. It has the distinction of being named “The Tea of Emperors” and is the most popular in China. Dragon Well is roasted after picking, which prevents oxidation and differentiates it from Japanese green tea, which is steamed during processing. The roasting of Dragon Well green tea provides a mellow and refreshing drinking experience, very different from the grassy taste of many Japanese green tea varieties.

Gratitude Health, Inc. is headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The Company was founded in 2018 by CEO Roy G. Warren, a 20-year leader in both the public and private beverage sectors. Gratitude was co-founded by President and COO Andrew Schamisso, a 15- year beverage veteran, best known for bringing to market America’s first RTD white tea, Inko’s White Tea, which he sold in 2014.

Distributors and retailers interested in carrying Gratitude Health can contact Andy Schamisso at 561-227-2727 or via email at