Humm Kombucha Launches 40 oz. Bottle

BEND, Ore. — Humm Kombucha, the world’s most drinkable kombucha, announced today its first-ever 40 oz. bottle of kombucha. The new 40 oz. is available in five of the brand’s most popular flavors: Mango Passionfruit, Hopped Grapefruit, Blueberry Mint, Coconut Lime, and Pomegranate Lemonade. The 40 oz. bottle has an MSRP of $7.99-8.99 and will be available at select retailers nationwide.

“From the first bottle, our mission has been to bring people together over one incredible drink that could make people feel better, whether with taste, the power of a healthier option, or just the power of togetherness,” said Jamie Danek, CEO and co-founder of Humm Kombucha. “To grow that mission, we grew our bottle! Now Humm can bring more people together to feel better for a few days with just one shopping trip.”

The new Humm-ongous bottles offer five servings of kombucha, allowing Humm drinkers to sip daily or share with friends and family – as an afternoon pick-me-up, smoothie addition, cocktail mixer, post-workout drink or the non-alcoholic option at the party. The five 40 oz. flavors feature Humm’s signature flavor pairings containing 5.7 billion probiotic cultures in every bottle. Like in its standard bottle, Humm’s kombucha is live and authentic and never from concentrate, with certified USDA organic and all-natural ingredients. Each batch is verified non-alcoholic and is GMO-free. The bottles also feature Humm’s signature illustration cover with hidden surprises. Humm’s additional flavors and standard bottles are sold at major retailers nationwide.

Fans are encouraged to tag @HummKombucha and #HummAlong whenever they’re drinking and sharing kombucha. To find a store near you, visit:

About Humm Kombucha

Humm is the world’s most drinkable kombucha and a fan favorite amongst families, athletes and wellness seekers. Founded in 2009 by kombucha enthusiasts Jamie Danek and Michelle Mitchell, the company is one the largest, fastest growing, and beloved kombucha brands. From the company’s early days brewing in the founders’ kitchen through its movement to a full-scale brewery, Humm Kombucha has remained focused on taste, accessibility, and overall wellness because health and happiness go hand-in-hand. Humm can be found in grocery stores, convenience stores and restaurants throughout North America, and now in many parts of Europeand Asia. Humm can be found at Target, Walmart, Safeway, Costco and Whole Foods locations in all 50 states. Headquartered in Bend, Oregon, Humm created the world’s first Kombucha tap room in 2013 and welcomes visitors to grab a glass seven days a week. Visit Humm online at