Positive Beverage Expands to Intermountain Region

IRVINE, Calif. — Positive Beverage, a leading producer of naturally flavored hydration beverages rich in Calcium, Vitamins & Electrolytes announced an expansion of its Positive H2O line within the Intermountain Region through a partnership with Associated Food and KeHE Distribution.

“This expansion through over 400 doors supports our recent acceleration to provide healthy hydration great for all ages at an accessible price point for families and individuals alike,” said co-founder Zach Muchnick.

Positive H2O is the first great tasting, 5-calorie hydration beverage to deliver Calcium, Potassium Electrolytes and 110% Vitamin C, B12 & D while remaining dairy-free and free of artificial colors and sweeteners.

Perfectly aligned for the health-conscious customer while bursting with incredible flavors kids love, Positive H2O will gain dry-shelf and cold box placement through multiple retail partners through this expansion which include Dan’s Market, Stewart’s, Dick’s Fresh Market, Associated Foods, Ridley’s, Lee’s Marketplace, and Broulim’s as they continue expanding through the Intermountain Region.

About Positive Beverage

Positive Beverage was founded on the promise to fuel everyone’s day from the beach to the boardroom with better ingredients that taste great and have enough essential vitamins to see you through! With the twist of a cap, you’ll open a naturally flavored beverage with 110% of all added vitamins, sodium-free Potassium electrolytes and either Calcium + Vitamin D or green tea delivering natural sustained energy. Positive Beverage owns and manufactures beverages under the Positive H2O, Positive Charge, Positive Cure and Positive Kids registered lines, all of which remain free of artificial colors and sweeteners and come in a BPA-Free bottle.

For more information, please visit www.PositiveBeverage.com and follow Positive Beverage on Facebook (/PositiveBev), Instagram (/PositiveBeverage), and Twitter (@PositiveBeverage).