Sandows Launches Sparkling Soda Made With Cold Brew Coffee

LONDON — Artisanal coffee brand Sandows announces the launch of a brand new ready-to-drink sparkling soda, made using cold brew coffee. The drinks, which are the first of their kind in the UK, are a new addition to the existing Sandows range and come in a ready-to-drink 250ml stubby can format. The range, which includes the brands Original cold brew, will be rolled out nationwide from the beginning of April with early listings secured with Selfridges, Sourced Market and Whole Foods along with 150 Independents.

The sodas are available in two flavours, Spice and Citrus and are a unique mix of natural flavours, spices and cold brew coffee. They are dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free as well as low in sugar, falling below the sugar tax.

With the new format, innovative ingredient combinations and accessible price point (RSP £1.99), Sandows aim to attract new consumers to the premium cold brew coffee market. The drinks, which have a natural caffeine content from the coffee base, offer an exciting alternative to sugar laden energy and soft drinks, whilst retaining the same level of functionality.

Hugh Duffie, co-founder of Sandows says, ​“​We pride ourselves on the quality and taste of our cold brew and have always aspired to be the brand to drive mainstream appeal in the UK. The US market shows the opportunity is huge, growing over 580% between 2011 and 2016, showing the potential to become a multi-billion dollar category globally.

As the original British cold brew brand, with over 4 years worth of insights from sampling hundreds of thousands of UK consumers, we have a unique perspective on the UK cold brew category. Our key learning has been to understand the cold brew occasion and how it differs from the morning flat white asa coffee moment. Cold brew plus milk makes people think breakfast coffee, but cold brew doesn’t need to be a breakfast drink. Our range of cold brew drinks, without milk/mylk, give retailers the opportunity to position cold brew as a great low or no sugar pick-me-up for the afternoon slump.

The launch of our premium sparkling sodas is the next step in our journey and it’s exciting to be innovating the category with a UK first. We are looking to position the new sodas alongside their functional competitors, such as Coke and Red Bull, rather than alongside iced coffee brands, with the aim for them to become an everyday staple.”

Sandows cold brew is made with directly traded, speciality grade coffee, infused with cold water overnight. The combination of fresh coffee and filtered cold water brewed slowly and without heat gives the coffee a smoother taste with minimal acidity.

Wholesalers include: ​Wholegood, The Estate Dairy / @sandows

The Sandows RTD range includes:

Spice Cold Brew Soda, RRP £1.99

A punchy, sparkling blend of Sandows Cold Brew Coffee flavoured with ginger, orange blossom and black spice.

Product spec: Dairy-free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-free

Product spec: 250ml stubby can

Citrus Cold Brew Soda, RRP £1.99

A sparkling mix of Sandows Cold Brew Coffee flavoured with lemon and lime. Zesty and refreshing.

Product spec: Dairy-free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-free

Product spec: 250ml stubby can

Original Cold Brew Can, RRP £1.99

The original British Cold Brew, but in a stubby can. Speciality coffee is brewed overnight for that smooth Sandows flavour.

Product spec: Dairy-free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Refined sugar-free, Gluten-free

Product spec: 250ml stubby can

About Sandows

Based in London, Sandows has been making cold brew coffee since 2014. The original British cold brew, Sandows’ drinks are made with freshly roasted, speciality grade coffee that’s infused with cold water overnight. Brewed without heat, this gentle method brings out a much smoother flavour without the usual bitterness of black coffee.

Dairy-free, with low-sugar and sugar-free variants, Sandows’ range of cold brew drinks includes two sparkling sodas and the original cold brew. The convenient, ready-to-drink packaging allows Sandows to make speciality coffee widely available.

Named after Eugen Sandow, the iconic Victorian bodybuilder, Sandows have channelled his principles into both their cold brew and recognisable packaging. The barbells are the perfect metaphor to describe the time and effort Sandows put into everything they do.