Shine Water Expands Distribution

CHARLESTON, S.C. — Shine Water, a Charleston-based nutrition drink, is expanding into well-known national grocery stores like Whole Foods and Earth Fare this year and looks to add more stores to its impressive roster.

Shine Water is a sports drink focused on the role hydration plays in our active lives. Made with nutrition and health in mind, each flavor is handpicked based on complex science limiting the amount of sugars and additives other sports drinks possess. Each bottle has 20 calories, no added sugar or harmful ingredients, and plenty of vitamins, nutrients, and electrolytes.

“Most people overlook their hydration and therefore forget to drink water throughout the day,” said Shine Water spokesperson Steffani Schwerdt. “When they finally feel dehydrated, the only drinks available are more often sugary, leaving you feeling worse than before and barely hydrated at all.”

Schwerdt goes on to explain: “This is especially common when it comes to student athletes who gravitate towards the colorful, good tasting drinks without considering the additives accompanying them.”

“At Shine, we aim to put only naturally grown and healthy ingredients in our drinks to help others hydrate correctly,” says Shine’s Social Parter, Ed O’Bryan, founder and president of One World Health. “We partner exclusively with Shine to offer our malnourished and dehydrated African patients the nutrients they are almost always lacking.”

As Shine Water expands beyond the low country, their goal is to educate others on the power of hydration, the role it plays in all aspects of health, and how to choose the right drink for the best return.

Shine Water is currently sold at Whole Foods throughout the southeast and was recently featured in southern-based Earth Fare locations starting August 30, 2018. Shine is also sold at various gyms throughout Charleston, Sullivan’s Island Middle Street Market, and on Amazon.

“We are driven to make an impact on hydration standards with Shine as well as educating the public on what hydration should look, taste, and feel like,” said Schwerdt.