Sober Up Detox Shot Set For International Market Distribution

HOUSTON, Texas — Sober Up, a detoxification drink with naturally sourced ingredients that promotes liver health by reducing the toxic effects of alcohol and helps prevent hangovers, has received international distribution interest from 17 countries due to the online awareness and success of their current Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign:

“We have begun negotiations with various distribution channels in 17 different countries,” explained CEO Harry Drnec. “It has been a full-time job for our staff to make sure that we are properly fielding each and every request to ensure we can fulfill the international demand once our Indiegogo campaign is finished.”

Sober Up announced last week that due to the resurgence of backers with the Indiegogo campaign, they will be extending the campaign through November 27th. After this date, Sober Up will be available on their new website for retail purchase with various retail location announcements coming as each location is finalized.

“The fact that the international markets are coming to us and requesting to be the distribution channel in each country says volumes,” said Drnec. The focus for Sober Up will remain producing its naturally sourced detox shot while dialing up production facilities to meet the international demand.

“We couldn’t be happier with the exposure and support we have received from our Indiegogo campaign. When we launched the campaign, we were just hoping to connect with people who shared our vision to live a healthier life while enjoying alcohol. We did not expect to receive so much interest from distributors around the world,” remarked Drnec.