Vita Coco to Debut ‘Pressed Coconut’ Flavor at Expo West

NEW YORK, N.Y. — Hot on the heels of its successful “Twist of Lime” flavor launched in 2017, Vita CocoÒ coconut water, this spring, introduces another new flavor innovation: Vita Coco with Pressed Coconut. The new beverage is available at retailers nationally starting in March 2018, and will debut at this year’s Natural Products Expo West trade show.

The “Pressed Coconut” flavor has a nuttier, sweeter taste than Vita Coco’s signature unflavored coconut water beverage, appealing to consumers with a bigger sweet tooth without added sugar. With just 12g of natural sugar per 8 fl. oz. serving, Vita Coco with Pressed Coconut offers all the refreshment, hydration and functionality of coconut water with a sweet and, some might say, more authentically tropical coconut taste.

Packaged in a 500-ml size Tetra Pak with an updated package design and bright white top to make it easier for consumers to select, Vita Coco with Pressed Coconut is certain to find an immediate audience with Vita Coco and coconut water lovers nationwide. Suggested retail pricing is $2.99 per 500-ml unit.

Vita Coco co-founder and ceo Michael Kirban says, “When we considered a new flavor, we recognized that some consumers want a more substantial beverage experience. Vita Coco with Pressed Coconut offers the same refreshment consumers expect from our brand, with delicious, soft bits of coconut in it. It’s just as authentic as our flagship beverage and reinforces that at Vita Coco, we are the ‘coconut guys.’ “

About Vita Coco

Vita Coco is the leading coconut water brand and a pioneer in natural-functional beverages. Available nationally in the US and sold in dozens of countries around the world, Vita Coco started the coconut water craze starting in 2004 and continues to pioneer new ways for consumers to enjoy high-quality, natural coconut food products, globally. Visit for more information.