Well Juice Receives Canadian Organic Certification

CALGARY, Alberta — Well is the only manufacturer in Canada that owns and operates HPP technology at its facility. Juices are cold pressed, packaged & Cold Pressure Verified right away. So unlike any of its competitors, Well juice is the safest, freshest and longest lasting juice line in Canada.

Well is Canada’s only nationally distributed, fully integrated Cold Pressed Juice, Nutrient Infused Lemonade and Kombucha company. With a mandate of making fresh beverages to health conscious consumers, Well is executing on an aggressive strategy to be on the shelf in every major retailer across Canada providing best in class juices at prices average consumers can afford.

Well is very proud to have this Canadian organic certification! Please note that you will begin to see a slight change in the packaging reflecting the organic certification.  UPC’s will of course remain the same so please rotate stock as usual and place your new bottles behind your existing.

Well is now making all of its nutrient infused lemonade SKUs 100% certified Canadian Organic. Spirulina, Charcoal and Cayenne have been the line leaders. Well is now launching, yet again, another innovative flavour profile, Turmeric with a hint of black pepper! This new addition may be Well’s best-selling SKU based on early consumer trials.

For more information: Visit www.drinkwell.ca