Yerbaé Enhanced Sparkling Water Launches 16 Oz. Line

Scottsdale, Ariz. — Scottsdale entrepreneurs, Todd and Karrie Gibson, have launched the next generation of their Yerbaé Enhanced Sparkling line of beverages. The new 16 oz. cans continue in the success of the Yerbaé 12 oz. sleek Yerba Mate sparkling water line. The new 16oz cans are an exciting entry from Yerbaé that come in a sexy 16oz can that has 10 calories, 125 mg of caffeine and 2 grams of Non-GMO sugar. Yerbaé Enhanced Sparkling Water delivers the bubbles with a purpose.

As long-time consumers of sparkling water beverages, the Gibson’s were focused on bringing bubbles to life, and giving their product a great refreshing flavor profile with real purpose of functionality for the body. The package is playful and engaging as well as visually stimulating.

“You should expect more out of your sparkling water and we are proud to be the innovators that are making sparkling water functional, by combining Yerba Mate and White Tea in our sparkling refreshment,” said Todd Gibson. “I am extremely excited to introduce such an innovative brand that delivers on a functional level for the body, is Non-GMO, OU Kosher, gluten free, and comes in a clean form that you will be proud to drink. Bubbles with a purpose!”

Todd and Karrie Gibson founded Yerbaé Enhanced Sparkling Water in 2016 with the vision of bringing a clean, refreshing beverage to the marketplace that provides a purpose in the lives of busy, health-conscious consumers. They have pioneered a line of products that is reintroducing the world to Yerba Mate, an herb that boasts unique properties, naturally occurring caffeine, and has many known health benefits that include vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

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