Aluminum Bottled Water Brand Surfwater Announces Launch

SAN DIEGO— Surfwater, a new 100% recyclable aluminum bottled water company, has officially launched out of San Diego. Inspired by its SoCal roots, Surfwater expertly and effortlessly embodies the California lifestyle. We’re ocean lovers, beach goers, adventure seekers, and health enthusiasts. We make eco-conscious decisions about what we feed ourselves, our kids, and how we impact the planet…

…So we would like to introduce our pride and joy, and anchor of the Surfwater brand: our clean, crisp, delicious, perfectly pH-balanced, electrolyte-enhanced bottled water! Available in still or sparkling varietals in 16-ounce infinitely recyclable aluminum bottles, this is something that you can feel good about drinking. Innovative packaging and the right ingredients prove that on-the-go style and function can be achieved by simply sipping on a Surfwater zero-plastic bottle.

Surfwater not only checks all the boxes on product and packaging attributes, we’re on a steadfast mission to alleviate our planet’s paralyzing plastic problem. Our aluminum bottles are part of a monumental movement taking shape within schools, businesses, airports, cafeterias, shops, grocery stores, and much more worldwide: eliminating plastics that pollute our oceans and harm our environment. Gone are the days where we can take clean oceans and plastic-free beaches for granted!

Surfwater’s 16-ounce bottles are available in California and Florida in select surf shops, sporting goods stores, coffee shops, schools, hotels, tourist spots, and more with more expansion in the near future. Single bottles in STILL and SPARKLING are priced in stores for consumers between $2.49 – $2.99 and 12-bottle cases retail between $19.99 – $24.99. Surfwater is also available online at and will be sold on Amazon for nationwide and international sales very soon.

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About Surfwater

Sports lovers, surfers, and overall healthy individuals spend a lot of time near the ocean and, in many cases, under the extreme heat of the sun. That is certainly the case in California. The warm temperatures associated with rigorous activity demand high levels of water intake. Fortunately, good old H2O is a total health bomb! Here in San Diego, California, Surfwater headquarters, we love to stay fit, drink pure clean water and believe in a ‘Hang Loose’ lifestyle. We combined all of the above with our passion for environmental responsibility and some entrepreneurial spirit to create an enhanced lifestyle water brand that touts a unique pH and replenishing electrolytes. At Surfwater, we encourage you to WATER MORE – LIVE LONGER.