Capt’n Eli’s Transitions to All-Natural Soda Line

PORTLAND, Maine– Capt’n Eli’s has announced its transition into an all-natural soda line by eliminating preservatives from its handcrafted sodas to provide a more health-conscious option for today’s soda drinker. Maine-inspired and “mom-approved,” the new recipes now use all-natural flavors and ingredients in a hand-crafted brewing process that keeps gluten and caffeine out while retaining the robust taste both kids and adults love.

“Moving our award-winning soda line to an all-natural recipe was a result of listening to our customers. We’ve positioned our product offerings to deliver what the customer has been demanding,” said Ed Crockett, president of Capt’n Eli’s Soda. “They’ve been longing for a healthier kind of soda that doesn’t compromise on taste. Our long line of flavors—Root Beer, Ginger Beer, Black Cherry Pop, Blueberry Pop, Cream Soda, Orange Pop, and Strawberry Pop — have always been delicious, and now they’re even better.”

All-natural Capt’n Eli’s Soda is always available online via Capt’n Eli’s official store and at all grocery and convenience outlets that currently sell Capt’n Eli’s.

About Capt’n Eli’s Soda

The Forsley family has have treasured their family root beer recipe for generations. Eli Forsley used to make small batch root beer out of their house in Gray, Maine. In 1996, Eli’s son, Fred, introduced the line of Capt’n Eli’s craft sodas into his restaurant, Federal Jack’s. Capt’n Eli’s is an award-winning craft soda and all eight flavors are available across the northeast, statewide in Florida, and in select marketplaces along the east and west coasts. With the addition of all-natural products, Capt’n Eli’s is open to expanding into new territories. Capt’n Eli’s Soda is a part of the Shipyard family of beverages. For more information, visit: