Planet H2O Expands Distribution, Launches New Website

NASHVILLE, Tenn.— Nashville, Tennessee based premium bottled water company, Planet H2O, is getting noticed in a big way. The three-year-old company is fast becoming a major player in the highly competitive bottled water industry by quickly widening their product distribution with major retailers throughout the Southeast. In addition, the company has revamped their brand identity, launched a new website, is working to secure social influencers, and is now in the process of updating the product’s packaging to make sure it “pops” on crowded store shelves.

“Since we first discovered the sealed aquifer that sources some of the purest water in the world back in 2012, we have been working swiftly to take this product to market,” said Planet H2O’s Business Development Manager Rob Smithson. “It’s been a major undertaking to build our bottling plant right at the source in Linden, Tennessee and then get the product on shelves. The product has only been available to consumers since 2016, and in that short time frame we have made huge strides to get our story told and our brand noticed,” explained Smithson.

Currently Planet H2O is sold in nearly 1,000 stores throughout seven states in the South East, including all Ingles Markets, Pilot convenience, Weigel’s convenience stores, Publix Super Markets in Tennessee & Alabama, select Target stores and local Kroger supermarkets in Knoxville and Nashville, Tennessee, and hundreds of independent retailers.

Company founders Jim Bruner, Carey Burner and Smithson, have been working aggressively to spread the news about their premium alkaline water. Planet H2O is sourced from a previously undiscovered artesian aquifer over 5,000 feet below the earth’s surface. The premium, all natural bottled water, never comes in contact with any surface waters nor is it exposed to any pollutants. Planet H20 is a naturally alkaline (pH 8.3) water with natural essential mineral content.

“Our first priority was to get the word out and get the product on shelves,” said Planet H2O operations manager Carey Bruner. Now we are right at the tipping point where we feel like we can get national distribution, so we knew it was critical to get our marketing machine in place.” Planet H2O recently launched a new website, a digital marketing campaign, and is leveraging all social media platforms to spread the word and create demand. In addition, Planet H2O will soon have newly enhanced packaging to make the product more eye-catching on shelf. The company is also actively working on several strategic alliances to increase product sales and is currently shopping social influencers to build awareness for the product in a more organic, viral manner.