Rock Grace Announces Launch Date for New Non-Alcoholic Beverage

SEATTLE— Rock Grace, creator of an elegant and exciting non-alcoholic beverage infused with crystal energy, botanicals and adaptogens, recently announced their new release launch date set for June 3, 2019.  The new release bottles are the world’s first ready-to-drink crystal elixir that includes healing plant-based super herbs.

Anne Hulett, CEO of Rock Grace, wanted to combine the healing powers of crystals and adaptogens and provide an alcoholic alternative that made you feel good.

“It’s not just that Rock Grace delivers a nice experience or a pleasant taste, it’s that drinking Rock Grace makes you feel good and that is the missing piece in all other non-alcoholic beverages positioned for alcoholic alternatives.  I don’t drink Rock Grace to pretend that I’m drinking alcohol, I drink Rock Grace simply because it makes me feel good,” said Anne Hulett, CEO of Rock Grace.

With the rising trend of non-alcoholic beverages and the use of crystals and adaptogens becoming more main stream to promote health and wellbeing, Rock Grace is creating a new space for non-alcoholic beverages that can play in the alcoholic beverage field.  They plan to feature their beverages in stores like Whole Foods right next to the Rosé.

Rock Grace is now accepting pre-orders on their website and using the funds to make more Rock Grace and give 3 percent of their quarterly net profits to Shatterproof, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the devastation addiction causes families.

Many people are already catching on to the Rock Grace lifestyle as they wait for their order and have been representing Rock Grace proudly by wearing hats and using Rock Grace glasses for mindful drinking.

About Rock Grace

Rock Grace is setting the stage for next generation drinking with a bottled crystal elixir infused with crystal energy and healing botanicals and adaptogens that encourage vibrational alignment and stimulate strength, grace, beauty and love. The energy of the crystals and fine botanical and super herb ingredients enhance the elixir calming anxiety and stress while promoting mental and physical wellness and empowerment.

Anne Hulett, CEO of Rock Grace, wanted to improve the quality of her lifestyle by cleaning up her diet and beauty routine and exploring natural health remedies for stress and anxiety.

She found several lovely health and beauty products promoting wellness and balance to use for her daily routine, but couldn’t find a substitute for alcohol that promoted relaxation, positive energy, wellness and beauty. She saw a huge gap, in a space she defines as next generation drinking, for non-alcoholic wellness beverages designed for people that love to drink alcohol and want to start drinking with intention and without the hangover.

She believed non-alcoholic didn’t have to be boring and wanted to add excitement to the non-alcoholic beverage options offered while being social, glamorous, enjoying down time and taking the edge off; something to celebrate with that didn’t take away from all of the healthy habits she had put in place and didn’t have all of the negative side effects she experienced from alcohol, but would still help manage stress and anxiety and give her the sensation of taking a break and having a glass of wine.

After extensive research on alternative health remedies, she grew a deep fascination with and passion for crystals and adaptogens and their healing powers. She noticed the power these two energy balancers contained, the harmony they created, combined the two and what she was looking for was born, Rock Grace.