The Bitter Housewife Announces Canned Bitters & Soda Line

PORTLAND, Ore.– The Bitter Housewife, makers of all natural, small-batch beverage and cocktail ingredients, announced the launch of its canned Bitters & Soda. Available in an Aromatic flavor made up of 10 different spices and dried cherries, this canned product will be available nationwide online and in select stores throughout the Portland, Oregon area by September of 2019.

“The Bitter Housewife brand has always been home to high-quality cocktail ingredients, so we’re excited to bring that same quality to a new product,” said The Bitter Housewife founder and CEO Genevieve Brazelton. “We wanted to create a sophisticated beverage for those who don’t feel like drinking alcohol whatever their reason may be.”

The Bitter Housewife’s Bitters + Soda is a zero-proof, zero-calorie beverage with a balanced, yet bitter finish that satisfies complete with notes of cinnamon, sarsaparilla, ginger and dried cherries. Bitters and soda is what those in the know drink when they’re not drinking. Until now, it could only be enjoyed at a bar or in the home. This ready-to-drink Bitters & Soda can be taken anywhere and offers a great taste that’s free of sugar, caffeine and alcohol. SRP $3 per can, $12 per 4-pack.

Preorders for The Bitter Housewife’s Bitters + Soda line start in early August, with products hitting shelves in September 2019. Preorders of 12-pack and 24-pack cases are available for $30 and $50 respectively. To stay up-to-date on Bitters + Soda, subscribe to The Bitter Housewife’s email list at and follow @drinkbittersandsoda on Instagram.

About The Bitter Housewife 

The Bitter Housewife is a line of small-batch bitters handcrafted in Portland, Oregon. Founded by wife and husband team, Genevieve and Dan Brazelton, the company’s passion for flavor-driven beverages inspired a line of all-natural bitters accessible to the everyday consumer—from the novice to the aspiring bartender. The Bitter Housewife’s award-winning selection include Old Fashioned Aromatic Bitters, Grapefruit Bitters, and Cardamom Bitters, which was named Product of the Year by the Specialty Food Association in 2018. Learn more