Waterloo Sparkling Water Announces Two New Flavors

AUSTIN, Texas– Waterloo Sparkling Water, the Austin-based company fighting back against artificial and tasteless flavor, is pleased to announce the addition of two new flavors to their line of bold, fruit-inspired waters: Strawberry and Grape. Available this March, the two new SKUs join the brand’s current lineup, which includes: Original, Coconut, Black Cherry, Grapefruit, Watermelon, Lime, Lemon and Mango.

A nod to Americana and beverage flavors that evoke childhood memories, the development of Strawberry and Grape was driven by Waterloo’s dedication to crafting the most cutting-edge and bold sparkling waters possible.

  • Strawberry is a refreshingly crisp take on the popular fruit, with a fresh taste invoking summer vibes with every sip.
  • Grape, a relatively new flavor for the category, will fulfill sentimental cravings for grape soda minus the sugar and artificial ingredients.

Launched in 2017 by Sean Cusack, Waterloo crafts their artisanal sparkling water to have the richest, most authentic and flavor-forward taste in the industry. Sean quickly realized that consumers wanted healthier products that did not come at the expense of taste, so partnering with the country’s top flavorists, he set out to redefine the category. Inspired by their Texas roots, the brand packs flavor without compromise and crafts their waters with zero sugar, sodium or calories.

“We are thrilled to debut Grape and Strawberry this month and hope they energize everyone to pick up a can and try Waterloo,” said Sean Cusack, co-founder of Waterloo Sparkling Water. “People have come to trust that we will always deliver on taste with every single launch thanks to the genius of our in-house innovation team whois truly driven by their passion for artisanal sparkling water. We are particularly excited about these two new flavors, as they will offer consumers a bold, fruity experience previously unmatched.”

Waterloo Sparkling Water’s newest flavors can be found at select retail locations nationwide, including Whole Foods, Walmart and Kroger. Products can be purchased by the 12 oz. can in 8 or 12-pack cases.

For additional information, please visit drinkwaterloo.com, or follow them on Instagram @waterloosparkling.

About Waterloo Sparkling Water

Austin-based Waterloo Sparkling Water is a bold take on the growing sparkling water genre, making its mark by focusing on fruit-inspired flavor and aroma and delivering a much richer, more authentic taste. Waterloo comes in 10 flavors and is available nationwide. Currently offered in traditional 12 oz. cans, Waterloo is sold in 12-can and 8-can fridge-pack cases. The product first became available in September 2017and has already landed distribution in many national retailers. Waterloo was featured on People Magazine’s 2018 Awesome List.