Florida’s Emerald Coast Ultra Pure Water Now Available in 100% Aluminum Bottles

PENSACOLA, Fla.— MSP, Inc., a beverage supplier, announces that Emerald Coast Ultra Pure Water is the FIRST and ONLY Florida brand of bottled water manufactured in 100% Aluminum reusable bottles.

“We know consumers are looking for alternatives when it comes to cutting back on drinking water from plastic bottles. We are meeting that demand in 2020 and beyond on a local, regional, and national level, with our 100% recyclable aluminum bottles of water. Retailers and C-Stores can now bring in what consumers are looking for. Think Globally and Act Locally.”

“Yes, drinking an aluminum bottle of water may seem odd, but so was drinking water from a plastic bottle. Now that’s the norm”. The bottle keeps water colder for longer, is 100% Sustainable, 100% Aluminum and 100% Reusable thus makes it easy for those who want to make the shift from single-use plastic bottles, Daniel Rogers, VP of Marketing, says.

The bottle size is 16.0oz/473ml, made with 100% recyclable and reusable aluminum with a micro protective liner so the water doesn’t taste like aluminum. The lid is a reusable screw top.

Wholesalers and Retailers can learn more about Emerald Coast Ultra Pure Spring Water at www.emeraldcoastpurewater.com.