Genius Juice Expands in Key Retailers, Announces New Flavor Launch

TORRANCE, Calif.– It will be a busy summer and fall for Genius Juice.  The company has recently announced a summer launch into all Publix locations in Florida (over 600 locations), HEB – Healthy Living Stores (110 locations), and Target launch in September (West Coast and Northeast totaling 600 locations).

This catapults Genius Juice’s total number of doors to just over 2,500.. “The most exciting thing is retailers are adopting and getting more excited about the plant-based movement for beverages,” Alex Bayer, Founder and CEO, says. “They are looking for nut milk based options with less sugar and more minimal ingredients and functional value.  We fit perfectly into this need since we are 2-5 ingredients total, no fillers, and have MCTs for sustained energy and meal replacement value.  We’ve never been more proud of our offering and how we are adding value to the retailers’ sets across the country.”

Genius Juice’s distribution strategy has been slow and steady until recently, with a flurry of new activity nationally and several new activations.

“We wanted to REALLY make sure we had our supply chain fully dialed in since we do source coconut raw materials from Thailand and we built out a fantastic operations team to handle this aspect of our business.  We also wanted to dial in formulation, packaging, and ensure the quality and consistency was there before leaping to a much larger stage in mass market and conventional, and that time has now come and we are all excited for this big next step with our company.”

In addition, Genius Juice will be releasing a new fall flavor, which will “very likely be offered year round,” Bayer mentioned.  He did not comment on the flavor and is leaving it as a surprise for now. “We are launching the new flavor in select Whole Foods regions and other key retailers starting in September, and will be rolling it out into more locations come January 2021.

“We’ve waited a long time for this moment to expand more aggressively and bring a healthy and clean product to more of a mainstream audience.  We look forward to seeing the results as we roll out in more retailers this Summer and Fall.”

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