Genius Juice Launches in Whole Foods Northeast

LOS ANGELES– Genius Juice, who was recently featured on Shark Tank in January 2020, is now entering Whole Foods Northeast which includes all Whole Foods in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

“We are tremendously grateful for the retail partnership with Whole Foods.  We are steadily growing and expanding region by region to make sure we can fully support each and every region we launch in.  It’s worked out quite well from a performance standpoint across all regions we are in.”

This will be the first Whole Foods on the east coast that Genius Juice is entering into as of late. “With the recent bump from Shark Tank, and our upgraded, sleeker packaging from late last year, I am already seeing great numbers in Whole Foods on the east coast in the last couple weeks since we officially launched.”

Genius Juice is partnered with Rainforest Distribution who is handling their distribution in the Northeast region exclusively.

Since airing on Shark Tank, Genius Juice has also achieved over $250,000 in online sales from and Amazon.Com.  “The momentum has been bigger than we even imagined, we are seeing numbers online that we have never seen before and thousands of customers buying our product from all over the country.  Now, the next task is to sustain this growth and bring in an experienced digital marketing team.”

Genius Juice is also seeing huge success in their online crowdfunding platform, having raised over $340,000 from individuals with over 600+ investors that have come in to invest at

“Our goal for Seed/Bridge Round is $1,000,000 and with angel investors coming on-board to fuel our growth along with WeFunder, we should be there in no time and can leverage all the new opportunities we have coming.”