MGM Resorts International Now Serving Positive Beverage Alongside Fiji Water and Red Bull

LAS VEGAS– Coinciding with safe reopening’s, MGM Resorts International is now serving Positive Beverage within a portfolio of properties on the Las Vegas strip!

Following a newfound interest in guest health and wellness, MGM Resorts has made Positive Beverage available for sale within its Bellagio, Vdara and Aria hotels to promote healthy hydration both poolside and within convenient cafés throughout each property. With an interest in elevating hospitality offerings to trend toward healthier soda alternatives, Positive Beverage’s partners cited the product’s flexibility as a superior hydrator and source of potassium to hydrate guests in warm weather as well as recovery from those famous ‘Vegas nights!’ More recently, Positive Beverage is investing into the flexibility as an excellent cocktail mixer that people can feel great about with zero calories or sugar and with five great-tasting natural flavors that mix well with a variety of spirits!

The rollout marks a significant market entry into Las Vegas and an expansion of the hospitality on-premise representation for Positive Beverage. Following a successful year within Irvine Company Resort Properties in Orange County and the Parker and Cole Hotels in Palm Springs, the Las Vegas rollout covers significant ground as they hope to roll out through additional properties once they reopen.

“Although COVID presented unforeseen challenges to launch, we are grateful that MGM International has acknowledged that our line reflects their distinctive guest profiles as a great recovery solution packed with vitamins and electrolytes or as one’s skinny cocktail mixer!” says Keith Millard, National Director of Sales for Positive Beverage.

About Positive Beverage

In a world of trends, Positive Beverage understands that great flavor, quality ingredients and honest brand values never go out of style. With a mission to bring health to sparkling hydration, Positive Beverage created the first simply beneficial® beverage to deliver 110% of all added vitamins, hydrating Potassium electrolytes and strength-building Calcium in a zero calorie, thirst quenching experience great for all ages.

With a vision to create the world’s most compelling company capable of changing attitudes, lives and ultimately the world through healthy hydration, Positive Beverage became the first beverage company to execute a multi-year partnership through its October 365™ philanthropic division which made an initial $20,000 donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation while also pledging $0.05 per can sold of the new Prickly Pear Lemonade year round. For more information please visit