NôMI Sparkling Water Launches Three New Citrus Flavors

KALAMAZOO, Mich. — NôMI Sparkling Water has launched three new citrus flavors: grapefruit, lemon, and lime, just in time for the summer.

These new SKU’s showcase the delicious flavors that come from the essential oils found in grapefruits, lemons, and limes. NôMI delivers true-to-fruit taste, because that is what it is.

Real fruit extract paired with gently sparkled water provides a smooth and authentic drinking experience. Each beverage contains zero calories, zero sugars, and zero sweeteners, to complement a healthy and tasteful lifestyle.

NôMI Citrus – Just the Essentials

Essential oils from the citrus peels are used the world over as a bold flavor enhancer. Whether through zest for the chef or as the full peel for the mixologist, essential oils add authentic flavor to a special dish or cocktail. NôMI Sparkling Water is a great choice for meal pairing and as a cocktail mixer.

About NôMI Sparkling Water

NôMI is a sparkling water brand by The Mitten Fruit Company, based in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Each NôMI flavor is crafted only from actual fruit, so the flavor is natural, authentic, and always real. NôMI is available to purchase through Amazon, and a growing number of retailers throughout the United States.

“The team at NôMI Sparkling water is excited to share these new flavors with the world and to showcase the authentic and delicious taste that nature provides.”  Dan Hinkle, Founder.

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