O2 Donates 100% of Profits from Juneteenth Sales to Know Your Rights Camp

COLUMBUS, Ohio– O2, a brand sold at gyms, grocery stores, and online throughout the United States, recently pledged to donate 100% of its profits from online sales on June 19th, also known as Juneteenth, to Know Your Rights Camp, and as a result has donated over $7,000 of profits from a single day of online sales.

This initiative was led in conjunction with professional athlete and gym owner Elijah “EZ” Muhammad, one of very few people of color in the sport of CrossFit®. O2 has sponsored EZ as an athlete since 2019; however, it was after a mid-June Zoom call where EZ shared his experiences as a Black man in America with team O2 that the company mobilized quickly to make a significant contribution to an organization empowering and educating Black youth. O2 and EZ teamed up to raise awareness around Juneteenth, a day that celebrates an end to slavery in America and is deserving of a nationally recognized holiday.

“O2 stands firmly with the Black community, and it’s clear our customers do too. One of our core values is honesty, and anyone who’s being honest can recognize there’s a problem with systemic racism and inequality in America. Our team resolved to not just talk about the problem, but actually do something about it, and we were floored by how many O2 customers did the same on Juneteenth,” said Dave Colina, Founder & CEO of O2.

“I’ve been a part of the CrossFit® community for 10 years, and while I never faced racism inside the gym, I’ve certainly had some discomfort as one of very few Black athletes in the sport. It meant so much to me that O2 not only wanted to learn more about how they could help, but they also put their money where their mouths are and helped mobilize our community to support a great cause,” said EZ Muhammad, an O2 partner, CrossFit Games® veteran, and gym owner.

This initiative comes on the heels of O2 facilitating a $10,000 donation to Steve’s Club, an organization that provides fitness and mentorship programs for at-risk youth, as well as a gym member retention program organized by O2 that awarded $6,000,000 in incentives to gym members who kept their membership active while their gym was shut down by COVID-19.

“We believe in doing the right thing, especially when it’s hard,” said Colina. “The types of gyms we belong to provide a wonderful environment that’s radically accepting of people regardless of their skin color – one where we all do hard things together. We want to do our part to help ensure that type of environment doesn’t cease to exist as soon as someone walks out of the gym.”

About O2

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