Omni Bev Launches Coconut Matcha Cold Brew Coffee Beverage

SAN JOSE, Calif.– Omni Bev, the world’s first, authentic Vietnamese Cold Brew Coffee, announced it’s newest, one-of-a-kind flavor, the Vietnamese Coconut Matcha Cold Brew Coffee, a plant-based cold brew with a delicate blend of premium Japanese matcha and a splash of coconut milk. Coconut Matcha is 100 percent plant-based and the first of it’s kind to hit the beverage market. Omni Bev will officially unveil the new flavor at the ECRM Beverage Program, held virtually from July 29 to July 31, 2020.

“Omni Bev was founded with the passion to transcend Vietnamese coffee and share it with the world by elevating quality, and creating healthy, innovative flavors which is why we’ve created the new Coconut Matcha flavor and continue to innovate,” said Tammy Huynh, CEO, and founder of Omni Bev. “It all started with a childhood memory of Vietnam. Watching my father wait patiently for his hot coffee dripping slowly into a glass over a spoonful layer of condensed milk. My mother would forbid, but my father occasionally sneaks me a sip that would turn into a lifelong passion. We are reimagining what that means to us but is committed to preserving generations of coffee tradition, combined with modern brewing science to achieve a high quality Vietnamese cold brew that tastes like home.”

The ECRM Beverage Program is one of the first fully virtual events of its kind that facilitates product discovery, category development and planning while celebrating some of the best creations. Each supplier gets to virtually present their innovations at the event where Omni will be presenting the new Coconut Matcha Vietnamese Cold Brew Coffee.

Omni’s plant-based Coconut Matcha Cold Brew Coffee is dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, ultra-smooth and low in calories. What makes the Coconut Matcha so health-conscious is the matcha, which is a great source of antioxidants, energy and is known to boost metabolism and heart health. The matcha is paired perfectly with coconut milk, filled with good fats and packed with vitamins known to stimulate weight loss, lower cholesterol, and boost the immune system.

Omni Bev starts at the root, with their family farm in Da Lat, Vietnam, where the beans are responsibly grown in high-altitude microclimates producing dense coffee beans with richer, more bold flavor profiles. Due to the diversity of the topography, coffee growers there are able to produce a large number of unique multi-origin blends not found anywhere else in the world. From farm to bottle, Omni Bev’s imported premium Vietnamese coffee beans are brewed and bottled in California. Through Omni’s own innovative process, the beans are steeped in cold water for hours and brewed in small batches to guarantee freshness and consistency.

From the beginning, Omni’s mission has been to educate and transcend authentic Vietnamese coffee. The goal is to elevate quality, build transparency, and create unparalleled flavors. Omni does this by combining the tradition of highly caffeinated Vietnamese coffee with modern brewing science to deliver the first authentic Vietnamese cold brew coffee. The result is a dynamic cup of Vietnamese coffee that features the well-known bite of centuries old practice with a modern twist.

About Omni Bev

Omni Bev is the world’s first authentic Vietnamese Cold Brew Coffee, harvested directly from Dalat, Vietnam and brewed in sunny California. Omni is passionate about sharing its coffee with the world and promises to breathe new vitality with each sip of its traditional Vietnamese cold brew coffee by elevating equality, building transparency and creating unique flavors. Omni is fresh, clean labeled coffee from farm-to-bottle. The small-batch method ensures that flavor profiles of the authentic Vietnamese cold brew coffee remain consistent all the way through. To learn more about Omni Bev, visit