Positive Beverage Announces Management Shakeup, Including New CEO

It is no surprise that beverage brands are taking inventory of their staff and reassessing their approach to new accounts and market entries. While most emerging brands focus on pulling back, Positive Beverage has come to the table with renewed optimism as they “double-down” on a positive outlook into 2021!

“We reviewed the traction gained through the summer while looking forward at the line reviews and meetings slated for fall and realized we had to present two scenarios to our partners: Scale back and hold out, or double down on talent acquisition to continue innovating and stay the course for the brand; we chose the latter,” said Founder and COO, Zach Muchnick.

With ownership onboard, Keith Millard, the Company’s Vice President of National Sales, brought Jim Valentic to Positive Beverage to propel the brand forward into new accounts while continuing to innovate the line and offerings of the Company.

“After 25 years in the space, I missed the ‘brand building’ years,” Valentic said. “I wanted a challenge and a place to use my relationships and experience to push behind a really authentic brand that has so much potential!”

Jim Valentic previously held positions growing Bai for over five years and prior to that, was employed with Red Bull for over a decade. His intimate understanding for brand building within accounts will parlay well into his role as Director of National Accounts for Positive Beverage.

Reviewing its structure and distinctions, Founder Zach Muchnick stepped aside as CEO to become primarily enveloped in innovation and operations to become its COO. While outside candidates were presented and reviewed, the Founder and Partners looked inward and presented the offer to Shannon Argyros, MBA, to become full time Chief Executive Officer of Positive Beverage.

“Stepping into this role will allow us to boldly approach the market with a line that is as versatile as the lifestyles and trends of our consumers; from mom’s looking for something better for their family, to athletes looking for better recovery; even those looking to celebrate with us by using it as a premium cocktail mixer, Positive Beverage does that – and I am so excited to lead our team moving forward!” Shannon remarks.

Collectively, this management shake-up best positions Positive Beverage to continue growth and innovation through multiple DSD partners who’ve already executed agreements to represent the brand within new accounts nationally and through diversifying its portfolio through the end of 2020 and beyond!