Pure NZ Spring Water Soon Available Through Walmart

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.— Premium bottled water brand, Pure NZ partners with Walmart to launch their imported bottled water through Walmart.com as early as 2020. Selling through Walmart is a major victory for Pure NZ since the online retail giant is predicted to double their e-commerce sales from $15 billion in 2018 to nearly $38 billion by the end of the year. Pure NZ has made their luxury grade bottled water available across a host of retailers, soon including Walmart.

More people are buying from home to stay safe, so online retail expansion is a major turning point for Pure NZ. By listing products through Walmart, Pure NZ can tap into a large portion of the United States market that does not shop around for bottled water and may not have otherwise come across their brand. This ability to reach new audiences is part of what has fueled Pure NZ’s continued expansion throughout 2020.

Walmart has been gaining traction as one of the country’s leading suppliers for discovering all types of new products, mainly because customers can easily tack them onto a larger online order. But Walmart has also tapped into the market for specialty goods of all sorts, which can include luxury spring water.

Pure NZ is able to keep their prices competitive, even internationally, because they streamline their production by bottling at the source of their clean, pure spring water. Bottling at the source at their Pokeno, New Zealand facility means that Pure NZ has more control over the entire process and a cleaner factory operation.

Another source of pride for Pure NZ has historically been their strict adherence to sustainable manufacturing practices that help to cut down on their environmental impact. One such effort has been the incorporation of 100% recycled plastic bottles for all of their Pure NZ original water bottles, which detracts from the total amount of virgin plastic manufactured in the country every year.

Pure NZ’s focus on reducing their new Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) output makes a big difference considering that the company boasts such a large production capacity. Pure NZ currently has the largest production capacity in the country, with the ability to produce more than 200 bottles per year.

Even with customers shopping from home, bottled water remains a competitive market, because customers exhibit strong brand loyalty based on trust and positive experience with one brand of bottled water. This is where Pure NZ is winning hearts, minds, and repeat customers, as their superior quality of spring water makes its way to the United States’ market.

Throughout 2020, Pure NZ has been expanding their online presence to make all of their various lines of bottled water available across different e-commerce platforms. They are currently available through their company website as well as some of the largest online retailers in the United States, soon including Walmart.com.