RSP Nutrition Launches New Functional Ready-to-Drink Products

MIAMI— RSP Nutrition, the leading, premium, clean nutritional supplement brand for an active lifestyle distributed in over 5,000 US retail locations and over 80 countries, today introduces a new ready-to-drink product category starting with new offerings: Immunity & Hydration Shot, a wellness booster shot distinctively enhancing both immunity and hydration with a unique blend of electrolytes, minerals, botanicals and more, and TrueFit, a protein and meal replacement shake with a range of functional ingredients. Prior to this category introduction, RSP Nutrition solely offered powdered and capsule supplement products. These new introductions will be available over the coming months on, Amazon, Whole Foods,, GNC, and The Vitamin Shoppe. RSP’s Immunity & Hydration Shot is available starting today, on

RSP plans to differentiate in this burgeoning vertical with its holistic approach to active nutrition, as the new products feature a variety of organic ingredients that enhance gut health, immunity, and hydration, in addition to offering benefits including weight management, muscle building and muscle recovery.

“We are excited to break into the RTD category, providing consumers with more unprecedented, convenient beverages that fit their increasingly high performing, on-the-go, and active lifestyles,” says Victor Davanzo, Founder & CEO of RSP Nutrition. “The RTD market was once dominated by artificial and sugar-laced sports drinks, but clean, organic beverages have a more significant standing in the RTD category today, as consumers demand ‘better for you’ options. RSP is now filling a hole in the market for delicious, all-natural beverage supplements that provide a range of unique health benefits all-in-one.”

RSP Nutrition’s initial RTD introductions are:

  • Immunity & Hydration Shot. This non-GMO, vegan and gluten-free Immunity & Hydration is differentiated among other wellness shots because immunity and hydration-improving ingredients synergistically combine in this drink for holistic health benefits. Hydration is necessary for a functional immune system, and the Immunity + Hydration Shot features a potent dose of organic coconut water, electrolytes & minerals (including Himalayan Pink Sea Salt) and amino acids for more rapid and effective hydration than water alone. It also features a one-of-a-kind botanical and herbal blend that combines Vitamin C, elderberry, echinacea, ginger and astragalus for immunity support. This shot is ideal for active, sick, hungover, and on-the-go consumers, as well as those looking to preventatively boost immunity, especially during this time. With only 15 calories and 0 added sugars, the shot is launching in one flavor, Guava Ginger.
  • TrueFit. An update of RSP’s hero powdered product, the RTD TrueFit grass-fed protein and meal replacement shake beverage is differentiated from other RTD protein drinks as it features a range of functional ingredients in addition to 20g of premium grass-fed protein sourced from sustainable, family farms in Ireland. They include fruits & vegetables, prebiotic fiber and MCT oil. RTD TrueFit is launching in two flavors, Chocolate and Vanilla. GutCheck reports that the most important food and beverage claims to consumers are protein (39%), low/no sugar (37%), natural (36%), and no artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives (35%); TrueFit meets these demands. It contains zero sugar and is Non-GMO Project Verified and Certified Gluten Free. It also does not contain lactose, soy, artificial sweeteners or flavors, or preservatives.

About RSP Nutrition

RSP Nutrition’s mission is to provide innovative, premium, nutritional supplements that inspire customers to live healthier, more active lifestyles and to achieve their fitness goals. Founded by former student athletes passionate about healthy, active living, RSP Nutrition has recreated the student athlete culture, synthesizing camaraderie, goal setting, and achievement in a way that resembles a real life sports team. Its brand values consist of commitment, resilience, integrity, and innovative thinking to help customers achieve their best quality of life. Founded in 2009, RSP Nutrition is available in retailers such as,, GNC, Whole Foods, and Vitamin Shoppe.

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