SprintToSuccess S1E3: From Strategy to Creative

We’re still sprinting (anyone have any water?!)! This week we’re sharing episode three of SprintToSuccess, a video series focused on demystifying the branding process for entrepreneurs in the food and beverage space.

In our last episode you saw our strategy team work their magic. We dug into insights, explored the category, executed consumer listening, and leaned into cultural tensions around whey, up-cycling, and hydration. All of this research culminated into a brand positioning.

In this episode, we are turning the corner from strategy to creative. We take the strategy and interpret it into two design pieces. First, visual territories, aka moodboards. The goal of visual territories is to take the strategy and come up with a visual language that differentiates us in a way that makes sense to the consumer. After getting Melissa’s feedback, we move into the second piece – designing brand worlds. This includes logo’s, color palette, and typography. The aim of this episode is to nail down the nuts and bolts of what we want Superfrau to look like in the future.

SprintToSucess is a video series developed in collaboration with branding agency Interact Boulder. This show is an exclusive learning opportunity for subscribers of BevNET and NOSH. View all videos in the SprintToSuccess series.