SprintToSuccess S1E6: The Finish Line

We’re almost to the finish line! In this episode, not only will you see the end design result, but you’ll also get to hear directly from Melissa. She’ll go into detail about the most critical learnings and how she felt about the process.

SprintToSuccess S1E5: The Art of Revisions

This episode is all about the art of revisions - moving from a big conceptual picture of the brand and into the details that can make all the difference at the moment of truth aka getting a consumer to choose us.

SprintToSuccess S1E4: Packaging Design

In this week's episode, you’ll see how we evolve our exploratory designs into the moment of truth - packaging, or as we like to think of it, the brand-in-hand. This is the moment where all the parts and pieces, from strategy to communication to competing at shelf, come together into an easy and understandable form for the consumer.

SprintToSuccess S1E3: From Strategy to Creative

This week we’re sharing episode three of SprintToSuccess, a video series focused on demystifying the branding process for entrepreneurs in the food and beverage space. In this episode, we are turning the corner from strategy to creative.

SprintToSuccess S1E2: Strategy Process

In episode two of SprintToSuccess, we’ll be giving a glimpse into our sprint strategy process and show you how we applied it to Melissa’s brand and tackle some of her challenges. We cover surveying her competitive category, identifying a target, crafting positioning, and honing brand personality and tone.

SprintToSuccess S1E1: Meet Superfrau

We’re excited to present episode one of SprintToSuccess, a video series focused on demystifying the branding process for entrepreneurs with an entrepreneur! In this first episode, we hit the ground running—you’ll meet our selected entrepreneur, Melissa Martinelli, who rose to the top from a pool of 106 applicants.

Season 1 of SprintToSuccess: Superfrau & InteractBoulder

SprintToSuccess, a 7 week creative process designed to take an entrepreneur-in-need from streamlined strategy to a ready-for-world brand free of charge, has announced its Season 1 subject, chosen from a pool of 107 applicants: Melissa Martinelli’s SuperFrau.