Sun Chaser Introduces Alcohol-Free Buzz

SAN FRANCISCO— Sun Chaser’s alcohol-free “buzz” is on a mission to disrupt and redefine the alcohol industry for the better. Sun Chaser was created by two friends in San Francisco, Jocelyn Stradiotto and Nellie Coffy, who set out on a mission to create products that aligned with their wellness-focused lifestyle and their desire to connect more deeply with those around them.

Sun Chaser’s first product, the Original Flavor, is crafted from powerful nootropic supplements and blended with carbonated pops of tart cherry, apple, lemon, and mint for a first-of-its-kind alcohol alternative. Housed in a sleek 12 ounce can, each serving is just 60 calories, alcohol and caffeine-free.

After a year of research and development, Sun Chaser’s “buzz” comes from four naturally-occurring nootropic supplements, each of which can be found in the supplement aisle of your local grocery store: L-Theanine, GABA, Cordyceps, and 5-HTP. When combined, they are intended to target the same areas of the brain that are impacted by alcohol, producing feelings of upliftment and social connectedness. The best part? Sun Chaser will not intoxicate you.

“Alcoholic drinks today are out of touch with the growing consumer demand for healthy beverages that still allow them to enjoy an uplifting and mood-enhancing sensation. As such, consumers are forced to make an unreasonable trade: your health or the social benefits of good buzz” said Coffy. “We decided to question this tradeoff, why wasn’t there an option that gave us the best of both worlds: our health to engage fully with life and all of the benefits of a good buzz? Since we couldn’t find that product on the market, we decided to create it ourselves.”

For Coffy and Stradiotto, this is just the beginning. “We envision a future in which consumers no longer have to make this trade and drinks like Sun Chaser will take up a significant share of alcohol aisles and beverage selections, changing how we treat our bodies and how we connect with one another.”

About Sun Chaser

Launched in February 2020, Sun Chaser is a first-of-its-kind alcohol alternative designed to give you a buzz. Their mission is simple: to provide a healthy alternative to alcohol for everyone. As a brand, Sun Chaser gives consumers a worthwhile mission to back and buy into: stop sacrificing your health in exchange for a good time. With Sun Chaser, enjoy the best a good buzz has to offer and take back your days. In each 12 oz can of Sun Chaser’s Original Flavor is just 60 calories with 0 mg of caffeine and 0% alcohol.

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