Tama Tea Partners With UNFI to Expand on East Coast

WILMINGTON, N.C.– North Carolina-based sparkling tea maker Tama Tea has partnered with national distributor, UNFI, at the mark of the new year to expand across the east coast adding retailers, college campuses and restaurant chains. Tama Tea is carried by local distributors in the southeast but the partnership with UNFI opens the entire east coast (from NY to FL) with the possibility of nationwide expansion.

“We are thrilled to begin our partnership with UNFI, we have some lofty 2020 goals and they are just the distributor we need to help us reach those goals. They are taking a bet on us and we are going to ensure they see a return,” says Co-Founder Rocco Quaranto III. He adds: “We have strategically mapped out the east coast and what markets we want to hit. We plan to grow quickly, yet methodically, so we can give the proper service and support to all of our accounts as they partner with us.  UNFI has been an amazing partner for us already. Being a small brand they could easily just ignore us but they have been willing to lend a hand and point us in the right direction when needed.”

Tama Tea launched a line of craft brewed sparkling green teas in January 2019.  The brand was even a finalist for the NEXTY award at EXPO East 2019 in the coffee and tea category.  The canned teas are a product line extension for its chain of cafe’s appropriately named “Tama Cafe.”  Their sparkling tea is a unique blend of sparkling organic green tea brewed with real fruits and herbs.  It boasts no sweetener, no calories, and no artificial flavors. Organic green tea is used to craft brew all three flavors: Lemon Lavender, Peach Pear and Mango Verde. The clean ingredients, antioxidants and 35mg of caffeine make these sparkling teas a great alternative to soda.

Tama also donates a penny from every can sold to Masonboro.org, a nonprofit that protects public land access and preserves Masonboro Island.  Masonboro is a beautiful barrier island off the coast of Wilmington, North Carolina where Tama Tea is headquartered.

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