100 Coconuts Partners with L.A. Libations for West Coast Launch Through SIP Program

Los Angeles – One Hundred Coconuts, the 100% pure coconut water with just one ingredient, has reached an agreement to enter L.A. Libations SIP Program to expand its presence in the West Coast market.

Founded by digital media entrepreneur Gregory Lowe II, 100 Coconuts is a cross-category coconut water platform that includes pure coconut water with zero additional ingredients, 100 Coconuts +Tequila, a low alcohol alternative to RTD cocktails and hard seltzers, and 100 Coconuts +CBD, a blend of the pure product infused with 20 mg of high-quality US hemp.

L.A. Libations SIP (So Cal Incubation Program) is the entry point into the L.A. Libations ecosystem, with its primary role to lead the retail commercialization of beverage brands in the Southern California market.  SIP leverages its deep industry experience and relationships with retailers to support brand development and distribution expansion and will provide 100 Coconuts with consulting and support with brand building, commercialization, and retail strategy.

“100 Coconuts is the culmination of a dream our team has been working toward for several years,” said Lowe. “Our brand is focused on keeping everything we do authentic, from our coconut water in the package to our marketing and media partnerships. “L.A. Libations has always believed in driving innovation, creativity and quality and we are excited to be working with them to bring our products and message to west coast consumers.”

Stated David Orr, Vice President of L.A. Libations and head of LAL’s incubation program: “100 Coconuts offers great-tasting products that provide naturally refreshing benefits.  With consumers wanting more from what they drink, 100 Coconuts “real never fake” approach is one that resonates strongly with today’s consumers.  We are excited to welcome 100 Coconuts into our Incubation Program and look forward to supporting the brand’s retail growth efforts.”

Currently, 100 Coconuts products can be found at select regional retail chains and online at 100coconuts.com. The company is launching an Amazon store this month as well along with high-profile partnerships in line with current partners TIKTOK, Karim Rashid, I Heart Media, and Roc Nation.

About 100 Coconuts 

100 Coconuts is a premium coconut water focused on bring authentic stories to the world. Designed in the US, and packaged in  the US and Vietnam, 100 Coconuts offers three varieties: Pure Coconut Water, Coconut Water + Tequila and Coconut Water + CBD. Refreshingly packed with potassium, nutrients, and electrolytes, 100 Coconuts is fat-free, gluten-free, vegan and certified non-GMO. Available in 11oz. recyclable slim aluminum cans and currently sold online direct-to-consumer. For more information, visit www.100coconuts.com Or follow 100 Coconuts on Instagram @100coconut.


LA Libations SIP (So Cal Incubation Program) was launched in 2019 to work with pre-revenue and early-stage entrepreneurs and companies to create, develop and expand their brand footprints to win in the Southern California market.   Leveraging L.A. Libations’ brand building capabilities and deep retail relationships the SIP team leverages years of CPG experience and relationships to lead each brand through its incubation process with a high-energy, start-up mindset and spirited entrepreneurial passion.  L.A. Libations meets with over 250 brands per year and is highly selective in accepting brands into the SIP program with successful brands evolving into broader commercialization opportunities.