Brands Within Reach Announces 100% Recycled* Volvic Bottles In Time for Earth Day

NEW YORK, NY – On the occasion of Earth Day, Brands Within Reach (BWR), the exclusive North American distributor of Danone Volvic water, is proud to announce the US launch of Volvic’s 100% rPET* bottles, made from 100% recycled materials, in April 2021. BWR welcomes Volvic’s commitment to help reduce CO2 emissions through the use of rPET material.

“Volvic is a natural spring water – a pure force from nature. With the introduction of the rPET* Volvic bottle, we are o?ering US consumers the natural spring water paired with more sustainable packaging. This move represents our commitment to a more responsible approach to nature for the bene?t for our consumers,” said Olaf Zachert, CEO of BWR.

Volvic natural spring water comes from a well-protected natural volcanic ecosystem in the heart of the Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Park, France. Volvic water is ?ltered through six layers of mineral-rich volcanic rock for about five years. This filtration process gives Volvic a unique mineral composition and gives it its pure, fresh taste. The ecosystem and the filtration process of Volvic ensure naturally occurring electrolytes and a balanced neutral pH value of seven. This makes Volvic water a great option for people of all ages and contributes to overall hydration status, important for normal physical and mental performance.

In June 2020, Volvic achieved B CorpTM Certification *** and CO2 neutrality certification **** by The Carbon Trust as part of its sustainability efforts.


BWR is a passionate company with many years of experience in the food and beverage industry. Its focus is to offer consumers healthy, innovative drinking and eating alternatives. BWR o?ers a unique set of skills in the food and beverage industry in North America, including an in-depth knowledge of hybrid distribution options, basic marketing expertise, a power merchandising force in specific areas, a complete and structured logistical platform and know-how in rapid growth and versatile management. BWR has a B Corp™ and CO2 neutrality certification, Carbonfree®, from The Carbon Trust. BWR is a 100% subsidiary of Zachert Private Equity GmbH / Germany.

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