Brands Within Reach Successfully Continues Restructuring with New Head of Sales & Marketing

Brands Within Reach (BWR), the exclusive U.S. distributor of Volvic and Evian waters, continues its successful restructuring and appoints Reginald Sanders as Head of Sales & Marketing / North America.

Reginald Sanders has many years of expertise in the food & beverage sector. He worked for many years at Danone Company, Borden Foods, Dow Chemical Company and most recently as Vice President Sales and Marketing at Johanna Foods.

Olaf Zachert, CEO of BWR, says: “Reggie’s experience makes him ideal for bringing our brands the growth they deserve. When we bought BWR, despite the excellent products, the company was not profitable. We know BWR will be profitable by the end of our first year of ownership.”

For this purpose, more new employees are currently being hired in sales, support staff and in accounting. Over the next few months, more than 50 employees are to be added in various areas.

“We know that the future of the beverage market is the healthy non-alcoholic sector that BWR specializes in,” said Reginald Sanders. “So we can predict steady growth for all of our brands. I am proud to be part of BWR, to form a new team and to realize our market potential.”

By the end of the year, sales for Evian and Volvic will be expanded to Canada and the potential of the U.S. markets will be further developed.

About Brands Within Reach

A passionate company with many years of experience in the food and beverage industry, BWR’s focus is on offering consumers healthy, innovative drinking and eating alternatives. BWR offers a unique set of skills in the food and beverage industry in North America: in-depth knowledge of hybrid distribution options, basic marketing expertise, a powerful merchandising force in specific areas, a complete and structured logistical platform and know-how in rapid growth and versatile management. BWR has both a B Corp and CO2 neutrality certification from The Carbon Trust.

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