GURU Organic Energy Deploys The GURU Good Crew To Clean Up Canadian Landscape

Montréal, Québec – GURU Organic Energy Corp., Canada’s leading organic energy drink brand, has been making the most of the Canadian summertime, leading a nationwide community clean-up initiative. From Halifax to Vancouver, the GURU Good Crew, created specifically for the occasion, has been giving back to nature and the environment. From riverbanks to skateparks, to hiking and bike trails, the GURU Good Crew has been hard at work collecting litter and giving a shiny new look to the sites that make summer worth waiting for.

“Getting closer to nature is a sure way to connect to your own, true nature, and that’s why we are committed to cleaning up our incredible landscape from coast to coast – places we go to recharge and re-energize. We’re proud of what we have accomplished to date and look forward to tackling over 25 additional sites Canada-wide in the next two months,” said Carl Goyette, President and Chief Executive Officer of GURU.

Having already completed over 50% of its ambitious objective of hosting close to 60 clean-ups across the country’s top cities and outdoor playgrounds between June and September, the GURU Good Crew is on a roll, with teams deployed over five sites in British Columbia, six in Alberta, 13 in Ontario, eight in Québec, and two more locations in Atlantic Canada. Another 25 clean-ups are expected to take place by the fall in Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver on July 28 and September 26, and at the Port de Québec on September 18.

As public health measures continue to ease across the country, now is the time to come together to enjoy the great outdoors. With World Nature Conservation Day on July 28, GURU is encouraging Canadians to participate in upcoming events to be held at Sunset Beach Trail and George Wainborn Park in Vancouver, Bow River Pathway in Calgary, Lower Don Trail in Toronto and Long Lake Park Reserve Loop Trail in Halifax. It’s your time to shine and to play your part in cleaning up the places that make your summer dreams come to life, with GURU by your side.

Delivering good energy to frontline workers 

In parallel to GURU’s commitment to cleaning up the Canadian landscape, teams across the country have been actively supporting frontline workers throughout the summer. In May and June, over 35,000 cans of GURU were donated to frontline workers, including healthcare workers, first responders, and COVID-19 testing and vaccination clinic staff.

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