Inko’s Brand Go Up For Sale

Wholesome Tea Company, makers of Inko’s, Blue Buddha and Jade Monk Teas, announces the sale of its unique portfolio of high potential brands. Inko’s, Blue Buddha, and Jade Monk are super premium teas with benefits that are in line with consumer trends toward organic, non-GMO, lower sugar, and functional ingredients. The brands have high consumer awareness and have consumer preferred flavors versus other popular teas. With more than 10,000 points of distribution in the grocery and natural food channels, the portfolio has high gross margin relative to the industry norm (40+%). The portfolio offers a very reasonably priced entry into the growing “Better for You Beverage” category, and would be a high profit, high potential add-on to any beverage portfolio.

Inko’s White Tea is the first and only nationally distributed White Tea Brand, introduced nearly 20 years ago. Inko’s has brand awareness of 22% among consumers that purchase any natural or organic products – equal to much larger brands in the category. Inko’s Tea is Organic, Non-GMO and has less sugar and calories than any other competitive brand and has a consumer preferred taste. Inko’s is growing dramatically in the highly profitable ecommerce channel.

Blue Buddha Green Tea capitalizes on the growing trend toward holistic health and the popularity of Ayureda.  Blue Buddha is Organic, Non-GMO, has less sugar and calories than any other competitive brand and features highly popular functional herbs, Ashwagandha, Amla, and Maitake Mushroom. Blue Buddha’s unique flavors tap into the growing consumer trend toward floral favor combinations.

Jade Monk Matcha is part of the fastest growing segment of the tea business. Matcha is projected to grow double digit for the next 5 years.  Jade Monk has a higher level of polyphenols than any competitive Matcha, and is Non GMO, Kosher, Gluten Free, and Vegan.  Jade Monk’s proprietary formula dissolves much more quickly than other Matchas and its convenient single serve packets make the perfect cup, are convenient for consumers on the go, and are great for business customers that serve or sell Matcha in their stores or restaurants. Jade Monk’s delicious flavors, Cranberry Blood Orange, Palau Peach, Lime Blossom, and Simply Matcha appeal to both raw Matcha enthusiasts and the many consumers that want the benefits of Matcha but do not like grassy taste. Jade Monk is currently an on line focused business that is poised for profitable expansion into the grocery and natural food channels.

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