Matriarch Beverage Co. Launches a|dash: Ready-to-Drink, Adaptogen-Infused Cold Brew Coffee

Nashville, Tenn. and Charleston, S.C. — Nashville-based Matriarch Beverage Co. today announces its debut in the functional beverage space with the U.S. launch of a|dash, a new line of ready-to-drink, adaptogen-infused cold brew coffee. It is available exclusively on their website and coming soon to select retailers in Tennessee and South Carolina. The family-owned business was founded by two sisters, Kelly Broderick Lamie and Megan Broderick, with over a decade of CPG beverage experience.

a|dash was purposefully crafted to appeal to coffee and tea drinkers alike, designed to mimic a lighter roast, and have a lower caffeine content than other cold brews on the market. a|dash is an all-natural, zero sugar, ready-to-drink, organic cold-brewed coffee infused with adaptogens. Balance, the first SKU to launch, is infused with 165 mg of Ashwagandha and 110mg of caffeine;  designed to be lightly roasted and refreshing with a hint of earthiness and a smooth finish. It provides balanced, functional energy throughout the day.

“ We are not building just a beverage company but innovating wellness. We believe that the future of health and wellness lies at the intersection of convenience and accessibility. Unless health fits into the lifestyle that people already have, they are not going to make those long-term lifestyle changes. That is why we created a|dash,” said Kelly Broderick Lamie, Matriarch Beverage Co. Founder & CEO. “We designed a|dash to simplify consumers’ wellness routine by upgrading their daily coffee ritual.”

a|dash is a wellness brand designed to deliver health and harmony to consumers everywhere, every day through beverage. It aims to create a category of grab-and-go wellness within the better-for-you beverage arena that will disrupt the healthcare, beverage, and wellness industries to serve the health of all Americans.

“Whether you are familiar with adaptogens or are curious to try something new, a|dash provides a moment of self-care in your daily routine without the inconvenience of adding adaptogenic powders or pills,” said Megan Broderick, Co-Founder & Director of Operations of Matriarch Beverage Co. “We are thrilled to bring our beverage expertise and life experience to the emerging wellness category, allowing consumers access to a beverage that provides health and harmony while meeting the everyday needs of their busy lifestyles.”

a|dash is now available for online purchase by consumers in the 48 contiguous states and Washington DC in an online-exclusive 4-pack and 12-pack format, along with a bi-weekly or monthly subscription option for the 12-pack. Single cans will be available on the shelves of select Tennessee and South Carolina retailers and cafes. Suggested retail price for an 8oz can of a|dash is $4.99.

For those interested in learning more about a|dash, please visit our website or @drinkadash on Instagram and Facebook.

About Matriarch Beverage Co.  

Matriarch Beverage Co. is a female-founded, mission-driven, family-owned company designed to explore opportunities for non-alcoholic, adaptogen-infused beverages in the United States. Founded by two sisters who hail from Chicago, IL; spent their college days on the soccer pitch at Wofford College and College of Charleston;  and now call Nashville, TN and Charleston, SC/Wanaka, New Zealand home. With over 15 years in the CPG beverage industry between them, the sisters plan to disrupt the beverage, healthcare, and wellness industries in the United States.

Matriarch Beverage Co. is passionate about building a company that serves consumers and our communities by creating health/wellness-focused functional beverages. As the future of healthcare and medicine in the US transitions from a more traditional, reactive approach to a more holistic, proactive approach, we will lead the way to drive change in the functional beverage industry, putting both the convenience for and health of the consumer first.

Matriarch Beverage Co. is already working on the formulation for a|dash™ SKU expansion and different use cases throughout the day.

For those interested in learning more about Matriarch Beverage Co., please visit our website, Instagram, or Facebook.

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