Shroomshot Launches Energy Blend with Cordyceps Mushroom

Shroomshot has released its third functional mushroom blend, a delicious and potent shot made with Cordyceps mushroom – a variety well known for its energy giving properties. The new addition named “Inner Energy” is loaded with 1,000 mg of freshly harvested and extracted organic Cordyceps mushroom fruiting bodies. The medicinal mushrooms are then blended with living probiotics, adaptogenic Schisandra Berry, and a hint of caffeine from green tea. The tantalizing flavor is citrus hibiscus. Each shot is crafted for clean energy and long-lasting endurance. As with all Shroomshots, Inner Energy comes in a compact 3 oz bottle, boasting low sugar (1 gram per serving) and only 5 calories per serving to support everyday needs. They can be purchased in select health food stores or online.

“Our mission with Shroomshot has always been to make the functional benefits of mushrooms accessible to the mainstream,” said co-founder Shawn Dunn. “The energy shot category is in serious need of a move away from overly refined ingredients and artificial additives. Our new blend provides a boost of clean long lasting energy that won’t leave you feeling guilty.”

About Shroomshot

Shroomshot is dedicated to sharing the amazing benefits of mushrooms by creating tasty and easy to consume products. They currently have three mushroom infusions: Inner Energy, Golden Immunity and Mental Magic. Each drink is USDA Certified Organic and crafted with the highest quality wood-grown mushroom extracts and live probiotics. The colorful polka dotted capped bottles can be purchased in the refrigerated wellness section of local grocers and online.

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